Monday, February 19, 2007

Finally, Fevrier 4 Pack!

We've finally managed to load up the vendors and take all the pictures for our fevrier 4 pack release. I do apologize to those who have been waiting patiently for it. Unfortunately (or actually, fortunately for us) a few things have gotten in the way. One of them being our new prim nails which to both of our surprise, has been a HUGE hit. The other thing, we hope to share with everyone in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy these semi tropical interpretations of our original limited release fevrier skin.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Somewhere Between the Head and the Feet are......

The hands. Or nails to be more exact, so we at Tete a Pied have decided to pay them some special attention. We pushed some of our other releases aside to focus on these babies because CJ and I were convinced they were genius and NOBODY has ever done them before. Now I hear that somebody has, although none of my fashionista friends can remember just where they saw it. C'est la vie. We love them and hopefully some of you out there will too. I've been harping on for the longest time about doing more nail gloves since CJ said that he thought he could improve upon the last batch. Because that area of the AV is so tiny, we are dealing with very few pixels and it is very difficult to get something that looks good. It is pretty much close to impossible to get any sort of a pattern or design in that area too. By putting a texture on a prim, we open up a lot of possibilities. We have so many ideas that we couldn't possibly even begin to do half of them and release by the weekend's end. So this first release contains 25 varieties of nails. We created 10 solids, 5 french manicures, 5 sparkles, and 5 art nails with a Valentine's Day theme that could work any time of the year.

To those who keep asking and begging and pleading for the expanded Fevrier 4 we did not forsake you. The range is completed. We just have to take pictures and load up vendors. We have a few more things that we wanted to include with that release as well. So please be just a little more patient, the time is almost here.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fevrier Arrives at Tete a Pied

Yes, fevrier has pretty much nothing to do with the actual month. It was sort of an accident how that happened. First we were supposed to do the outfits in shades of valentines, pink, red, etc and so forth but CJ convinced me to go against the whole v-day thing since he is a boy and hates pink things. There was also supposed to be some sort of a sweater shrug but it morphed into a sheer little slip of a thing (CJ's idea). So basically, I'm blaming it all on him.

As for the fevrier makeup, I sometimes refer to the late, great, Kevyn Aucoin's "Making Faces" when I need makeup ideas. I'd had my eye on this one look, model, for ages. It was very 80s super model. Sexy, bold, strong. The layer made to create that very subtle touch of color at the inner corner of the eye and brow bone has a lovely blend that looks rather wild when played with. It ended up inspiring me to create a colorful 4 pack which should be coming out in the next few days. The four pack will become part of our range and stick around but the fevrier single will be removed when the next month's makeup is released.