Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Plea to Hair Fair Visitors

I was really looking forward to checking out the hair fair, hopefully discover some new creators, mingle with old friends, make some new. But I can't because some people find it necessary to wear ball gowns and bling. After trying literally ALL day to get into the hair fair, I finally made it about an hour ago. I have a brand spanking new computer, upgraded fancy shmancy graphnics card, no other attachments except my 10 prim hair, no AOs, particles on naught, draw distance at 96, local lighting shiny and pretty much all the bells and whistles turned off or as low as possible. I couldn't move, at all. I know there were a lot of people but I've attended events frequented by a lot of people in the past and I know that if you are a responsible attendee, you can cut down on lag. There were people with super primmy hair, jewels, tails, ears, totally ridiculous number of prims. Maybe they have some insanely amazing computer, good for them. But really, it's a bit selfish to run around a busy sim like that as if it were an empty sim. So PLLEASSE, pretty please with cherries on top, people, help everyone to enjoy the experience better by sacrificing a little of your vanity for both the pleasure of the other hair fair visitors and your own.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Because of some big projects, CJ and I had to leave the Shopaholics RFL team but I still want to support them whenever I have a chance to. So guys, when you get bored of the insane lag over at the hair fair, check out the date auction. Some fabulous people are on the block!

On Saturday, April 7, 2007 at 12 PM SLT you can add the ultimate designer accessory to your ensemble: The Designer.

Join the Shopaholics Relay for Life teams in a spirit of good-natured frivolity on the beautiful island sim of Nuku Hiva (secondlife://Nuku%20Hiva/128/128/) in a landmark event where 10 or so of SL's high profile designers and content creators will be date auctioned to aid in raising funds for the American Cancer Society.

Dress in your best luau beachwear and bring your wallets to snag a a once-in-a-second lifetime opportunity to spend a few hours to get to know your favorite designer personally.

So far the following designers have confirmed their participation:

Aradia Dielli – Perfect Image
Blaze Columbia – Blaze Fashions
Canimal Zephyr – Canimal
Colleen Desmoulins - The Loft
Digit Darkes – X3D Apparel
Forseti Svarog – Figments
Lucas Lameth- Earthtones Boutique
Isabella Sampaio – L'OrĂ©al Paris Spokesmodel
Pushbutton Skolnick – Pushbutton Industries
Shai Delacroix – Casa del Shai
Truth Hawks – TRUTH

... and we might have a couple of other surprises for you.

Our DJ Sean Clancy will be taking your requests for the hottest tunes and after the auction you are welcome to stay and dance til your feet hurt.

All proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society. See for more information on Relay for Life in Second Life.

For more information please contact Grazia Horwitz or Ryan Darragh in world.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Celebrate Spring

The birds are chirping, the air is warming, flowers have begun to...well kind of flower, a little. It's SPRING and it's April, or to our French friends, avril. We've whipped up a flirty little number to celebrate avril, a graphic print short dress with matching cardigan. We kept this month's release a bit simple because we have a whole bunch of other projects that are requiring a lot of our time. The good thing is though, we can price it so reasonably since it's just a 3 piece outfit.

The outfit is available in peony and hyacinth and we've also created a limited release skin to coordinate with the dresses. Our avril skin is available in all 10 skin tones, including red brows with freckles. As always, the skin is in limited release, which means you have just a month to buy! I hope you all enjoy it.