Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Custom Skin Event is Today

A week ago, we sent out an invitation for a special custom skin event to the Tête à Pied group. This is to serve as a reminder and to answer any questions that may come up. Please, please, please, in order to ensure this event runs smoothly, make sure you carefully read all the steps and ask questions before you do anything you are unsure of.

1. You have to be a group member to take part

2. Click on the ticket vendor located upstairs. Please do so JUST ONCE. You will receive a ticket with a number. When that number is called in the group chat, it's your turn.

3. Decide what combination of lips, eyes, cheeks you want and/or other custom options that are possible according to the notecard. I will NOT be doing custom colors or any custom option that involves changes other than simple mixing and matching of already created makeups.

4. Listen for your number in the group chat. Do not put busy on or you will miss it being called. When your number is up, go to the makeup seat, let me know you are ready and when I tell you to, sit down on the chair. Give me your order on the notecard with your ticket number. If you have questions, feel free to consult with me at that time.

5. When your order is ready, I will show it to you for approval, when you are satisfied, the item will be placed in the box. I will let you know when you can purchase the item for the box.


Monday, October 29, 2007

50% Off Speciality Skins

To celebrate Halloween, we've decided to mark all speciality skins 50% off from now until 11/01. This discount will not apply to the custom skin event we will hold on 10/30 and includes just the Marie, Drow, and Gothique skins.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Earth Angel

I do love a good play on words. This week's release is Terre, French for earth. Like many of my friends, I was ecstatic when the very talented Julliette Westerburg released new goodies for her Tres Blah line. Right away, I wanted to create a makeup for the mod dress. I messed around a bit and was leaning toward a sort of little lost orphan girl look but it just didn't feel right. It was looking too much like a lazy attempt at doll makeup. Luckily for me, just when I was hitting a wall, Celebrity Trollop had emailed me some makeup pics which were simple and lovely. I kept the eyes the same in all three faces, brown shadow across the lid and blended out just beyond the crease, dark brown liner with a hint of a cats eye and a little bit of highlighter just under the brow bone. The lips were 3 different complimentary colors in a moist lip texture; a nude, pink, and bronze lip.

Skin: Vivant Buff Terre 3
Hair: Lynne II by ETD
Scarf: Scarf and Corsage in brown by BP*
Dress: Black Jumper by Tres Blah
Shirt: Eve of Destruction Shirt by Savvy?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Royal Beauty

Some months ago I saw the lovely Iris Ophelia in a swoon worthy Marie Antoinette inspired gown by Digit Darkes of X3D. Over the course of the next few months I've seen many other content creators draw inspiration from that period and even a sim pop up by the likes of Draconic Kiss, Curl Up and Dye, Nonna Hedges and have been wanting to do our version of an 18th century skin for ages. I assume this influx of Marie inspired fashion all came from the same place it did for me, Sofia Coppola's cream puff of a film, "Marie Antoinette." It was amazingly delicious and when I watched it for a second time a few weeks back, it was the kick in the pants I needed to finally give the skin a try.

We used both images from the film, as well as images of the real Marie. I wanted something almost wearable and authentic for the period. Based on my research, despite it's fresh and almost modern feel, the film did a great job of representing the period authentically. Lightly powdered skin, a little rogue and a pretty pout. The only real artistic licese I took was in the two lipstick variations. I did a pink and red in addition to the traditional almost cerise pink. In addition to creating a totally new mouth shape, we also added a little extra shading to indicate that the lips were drawn in smaller than the natural mouth and there is almost a hint of dimples in the corner of the mouth. I think it lends the face a rather sweet look.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


The inspiration for this week's release came from Tamara Kirshner, a long time customer and friend. When I told her I was stumped for this week's look, she suggested flushed cheeks, the kind you get from a walk outside in the cool air. It didn't take long to stumble upon the outfit to inspire the palette, over at Be Less Stupid, there was a review on a little known gem of a designer. The dresses were done by Anju Enoch of Putit Ange. I wanted the flushed cheeks to take center stage so I kept the lipstick really low key, just a tinted lip balm look and a wash of color on the lids with matching liner. All three looks were based on the different colors from the dresses.

Hair: Amelieish by Hiccup
Dress: Knit Fringe Sweater Navy Blue by Putit Ange

Friday, October 12, 2007

What to Wear in the Boudoir

Our new Boudoir skin, naturally. Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai has recently made a slew of gorgeous lingerie she's dubbed Boudoir. These lingerie sets run the gamut from innocent, to elegant, to smoldering. With this week's skin we tried to create a makeup that would compliment all of those different moods while still managing to stay consistently sexy. The first thing that came to mind was bedroom eyes and with some brainstorming assistance care of the lovely Grazia Horwitz, I decided to do an amped up version of the eyeshadow in our Sultry look and pair it with 3 very different lipstick colors.

We've also brought back the highlighting and shading we used on the Modele skins to amp up the sex appeal. They not only give the skin a little extra glow but create a slightly more defined cheekbone.

Outfit: The Marquise Lingerie Set-Plum by Casa del Shai
Hair: Tasha-Strawberry by ETD
Gloves: Long Merlot by Tete a Pied

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Proud As a Peacock in Paon

This latest release came from wanting to wear something to go with Kit Maitland's OMG MORBIDLY OBESE fatpack of a release, Amarantine. Lovers of mix n match rejoice, this fall set is cozy, delcious, and full of options. I paired it with adorable knee socks from Shiny Things, tinted to match. Then yesterday Mr Lucas Lameth passed me his fabulous Chakra set. The ensemble just grew in a synchronistic way. I named it paon, French for peacock, because the liners were all peacock colors. I think the overall look is very Love Story, 70s meets 40s collegiate.

Hair: Juliana by ETD
Outfit: Amarantine by CKSD
Necklace: Chakra by Earthtones
Socks: Knit Knee Socks-Medium Colors by Shiny Things

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Vivant Gothique Has Arrived

It's October and Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. In a lot of ways, Second Life is like celebrating Halloween every day, sans the candy. You get to stretch your fashion wings a bit and play with different personas and looks like you would never do normally. So hot on the heels of our drow skins, we have yet another fun look. Or rather looks. Gothique is our version of a goth skin. It's as pale as we could go without the skin becoming totally flat and fake looking. The desired effect was undead or made up, not unreal and blank paper white. As for the makeups, I tried to experiment with some looks a bit more avant-garde than my normal comfort zone but still keep it tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, I don't have a full line up of all 18 skins. You will have to go to Tete to see them but I can run through the 6 distinct looks that are available. All the looks come with 3 lip options (with only one exception) that are some combination of red, wine, purple, and black. The Siren was a goth version of one of my absolute favorite makeups, the Biba. Corbeau, which is the makeup in the main ad picture, has a double cat's eye liner that I saw on Dita Von Teese. The Ennui is based on a look we've been recreating with each one of our skin lines, just a pretty little flourish about the eye. Amanda is inspired by Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls which is amazing music by the way, fun punk rock cabaret. I had a lot of fun with Nova, it sort of has a harlequin look but it was a total accident. I was just flipping layers around and having a play, seeing what interesting looks I could come up with. CJ came up with the name because of the distinct star shape. The last makeup of the set is my most wild of the bunch, I call it CyberPunk. It has a definite punk/modern dystopian vibe I think. Enjoy!

Hair: Aveda Short Bob by ETD
Outfit: Nymphaea Suit by Silent Sparrow

Monday, October 01, 2007

Better Late Than Never

This week's release is a little late but worth the wait. First up is the October edition of our calendar girl series. For those that don't know, every month we make an outfit with a limited release skin to compliment it. The octobre release is a fun set for lovers of mixing and matching. We have a black patent leather belt on the jacket and shirt layer and the dress bottom comes in 3 different colors. The turtle neck comes in undershirt to go underneath the dress as well as a shirt layer if you wish to wear it in other ways. The three makeups were my idea of updated mod makeup. All three makeups have pale shadow and lips, which is fitting of the period. I gave each one a little something different and special. The first one has a very defined crease in the lid, another very mod detail. The second makeup has a subtle shimmer and soft, smudged liner, the third look has high gloss lips, cats eye liner, and a beauty mark.

Our other 3 pack this week is part of a collaboration with hyasynth Tiramisu of Silent Sparrow and Calico Ingmann of Calico Creations. We created drow skin with 3 looks, one an homage to the spider goddess Lloth, another based on a picture Caliah Lyon showed me of a look she liked, and the last, a no makeup look.