Saturday, October 28, 2006

Free Skin

It's been awhile since we've done something special for our TaP group so we decided to create an offer to introduce our new Gamine 4pack. This offer is good for group members only. Buy any of the Gamine skins and receive any of our older skins free. To take advantage of the offer, all you have to do is purchase a Gamine skin before 1am Sunday, SLT. Then drop a notecard with your name and choice of skin in the title on Roslin Petion.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Gamine 4 Pack Released Today

According to the wikipedia, "gamine is a French word, the feminine form of gamin, originally meaning urchin, waif or playful, naughty child." Over the past 100 years or so, it's come to mean something more. The gamine that most people know is a woman who displays little girl qualities, often a bit impish but also has a subtle seductive quality. Well known gamine figures include Mary Pickford,Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, and Audrey Tautou. We drew our inspiration for the gamine look from these women. We paired a classic thick cat's eye liner and bare, natural lid, with a dreamy modern high-gloss lip. I'm particularly proud of the high gloss lip. Since our first Tete line, CJ has been working on creating a true lip gloss similar to Mac Lip Glass. Given the nature of the medium, it was a great challenge. We don't like to toot our own horns (especially the modest and oh so polite Mr. Carnot) BUT....I think it's the best darn lip gloss in SL. The skins come in four different lip glosses, all paired with the thick cat's eye liner.


Finally made it over to Soda. Super sweet clothing, mostly brights and pastels. I so wish I weren't too lazy to post the picture of the dress I bought. Doll house is an adorable school girl number ala fall 2006 Anna Sui and Chloe and I can't wait to wear
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stand Up

It is a bit short on notice but I just want to encourage everyone to participate in the Stand Up campaign. I've been meaning to post about it since I first heard about the action. Look for Stand Up kiosks at Tete a Pied, Midnight City, and other locations. Click on the kiosk to get bracelet which you click on in order to be counted as a participant for the Guiness record. As the official sitte states:

"The purpose of the action is to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to publicly demonstrate to policy makers the growing global support for the eradication of poverty."

The Millennium Development Goals are promises that various goverments have already made. Stand up is about reminding them about these promises. It's a really simple thing that takes just about a minute.

The second life website for stand up is :

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Little Girls are made of....

Sugar and spice of course. Our spice however, isn't THAT nice. It has a slight goth edge to it. For the longest time, CJ and I have wanted to do a doll inspired makeup but we kept putting it off. After creating a recent custom job that included a doll like skin, we felt inspired to push the look a bit. We liked the idea of doing a sort of darker doll look but we also love the traditional porcelain doll face. The other thing we were thinking about was how much we wanted it to look like an actual doll vs a girl wearing makeup to look like a doll. We decided to try to do a little bit of everything. Each 4 pack consists of 4 distinct looks, the two spice are goth inspired with one each of a natural and more doll like skin and the sugar are a sweeter,more traditional variation of that. I've also included a notecard to give tips on recreating the more doll look shape I wore in the ads. If you take a good look, you can spot all the subtle differences between each skin. The 2 genuine doll skins feature a little extra highlight that CJ created to give them a more porcelain appearance. They also feature painted in brows. The girl as doll looks have natural brows and no highlights. There are lots of other little special details. I honestly think we could easily do 3-4 more 4 packs without repeating ourselves. We've also priced them at a deep discount so that it is more affordable for those who may want to use it just for Halloween. These are a special edition which means they are only available in one skin tone and our located in the center of the store with our other specials, instead of back on the walls with the regular makeups.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Made for Him, Designed for Her

Tete a Pied skins for men are ready for release. CJ started working on the line even before he began Tete 2 but that line soon dominated all our waking hours. As soon as I allowed him a second of rest, he went right back to the men's line. His hard work has paid off and we have a really great line that I am proud of. We are starting off with just 4 facial hair styles and 9 skin tones, with a lot more planned for the future. As a makeup artist, of course I would love to experiment a bit with men's makeup. My absolute favorite makeup artist, Kevyn Aucoin has done some amazing work in that area and I am dying to try it out. We have some other big projects, huge ones but they are secret. We are trying so hard to get as much as possible done before the spring because fingers crossed, I'll be in grad school come then and have a lot less free time.