Sunday, November 30, 2008

And a Good Time was Had by All!

Fleur Skins reopened the sim yesterday and many of you dropped by to explore, chat and try/buy the new Parfait and Shojo skins, including the new Azalea skintone that everyone is raving about. The snow fell gently as we all enjoyed the results of the talents of CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion.

Our CSAs were on hand to help as were a number of our Fleur Insiders. All looked smashing in their newly released skins :)

Just a reminder that every line has its own store. The goth/specialty skins share a space with a few delights from ~silent sparrow~. (hyasynth Tiramisu was the inspiration for our China Allure skintone.) Free accessory packs will be available soon in each store. The Divas' Halloween Special is now showing at cinema fleur. Follow the instructions on the sign in the theatre. Take a seat and enjoy:) Also don't miss Park Gallery at Fleur and the adjacent coffee shop. Fleur has *everything* on one sim to make your skin shopping comfortable and enjoyable.

The new Store Cards are also available. You can buy them from the red signs in each shop. The signs also explain what they are and how to use them. The bigger denominations give you a nice discount on multiple skins, thus replacing the old 3 packs. This way YOU choose your 3 pack.

I will be offline until December 17 so direct all Customer Service issues to Roslin Petion and the very competent Fleur CSA, Fury Stapleton. They will take care of your needs. I hope to come back and see you ALL wearing the new Fleur skins!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's *ALMOST* Time -- New Skins, New Build at Fleur

**We are now OPEN!** Here's your limo :)

In two hours, at 2pm SLT, the Fleur sim will reopen its doors to you. CJ has outdone himself again with a New York City/Soho build. It *is* winter and the snow is falling so bundle up a bit ;)

Each of our skin lines now has their own shop AND there is a bargain basement. Price points have changed a bit. Allure and Boutique skin lines are now L$1000, including the new Parfait Trois and Shoujo Da ni ban makeups AND the new Shoujo Azalea skin tone we have been telling you about. Vivants remain at L$500, BUT some older ones are nicely discounted at L$250 in the Bargain Basement. Just follow the arrow!

You will find the Gothique & Drow Vivants in their own shop along with the Allure China skintone skins. There is also a small selection of ~silent sparrow~ goodies thanks to the kindness of hyasynth Tiramisu. She has included the Suzume dresses that go with the Suzume Allure China skins.

Additionally we are hoping to debut a new gift card system today that gives you a big discount when buying more than one skin. Rather than the old 3 packs, you will now be able to select your own 3 pack at a discount. I'll give you more information as soon as I can get it out of the very busy Mr. Carnot.

See you in a bit!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fleur Reopens Saturday 2pm SLT with New Boutique Skins

We have also "relocated" to lower Manhattan, NYC and will be residing in a wonderful new CJ Carnot build reminiscent of SoHo and Greenwich Village.

Each of our skin lines will have their own boutique, as will the clothing and accessories. The pale skin tones will share a shop with a sampling of ~silent sparrow~ delights. We also will have The Fleur Cinema, where we will be showing the previous Divas series, while waiting for the new one. Next to the cinema will be the coffee cafe and gallery, with room to sit, sip your latte and enjoy the art.

The new skins will include 6 new makeups for The Boutique Line Parfait Trois, in which Parfait grows up a bit and gets some "glam." Shoujo also has 6 new makeups AND, as you requested, a NEW slightly darker skintone, Azalea. All Shoujo makeups will be available in the new skintones.

Starting at 2pm SLT tomorrow we will be open for you to visit and try on the new skins, enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to some wonderful New Tork themed music. Many of our CSAs and Fleur Insiders will be present to welcome you to the NEW Fleur, where you will find a style and price that suits you!

**NOTE: The Fleur Update group will close to new members at 12 noon SLT Saturday, Nov. 28. Shortly after that time the group gift will be sent out viaFleur Group notices. So join now and enjoy a lovely free skin especially made for the group.**

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Allure of A Diva ... Flickr Contest Ends tonight!

At 9pm SLT we will close the entries in the Jolie Fleur Flickr Group's The Allure of a Diva Contest. Winning photos will be featured in the NEW Fleur build, which will open Saturday, November 29 at 2pm SLT. Stay tuned for more details, including the release of some wonderful new skins in the Fleur Boutique line :)

Until then let me share just a few of the delightful Allure Divas who are vying for our prizes.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Announcing Our "Fleur Insiders"

After careful consideration of the applications we received from avatars wishing to be considered for the honor, we have chosen the first group of Fleur Insiders. [original post here]

Without further ado we introduce:

Row One: hyasynth Tiramisu, Aislinn Grizot, Caer Balogh, Gabby Panacek
Row Two: Dot Lane, Madison Carnot, Serenity Innis
Row Three: CronoCloud Creeggan, Elaine Lisle, Titania Tigerpaw, Helena Stringer

All of us at Fleur are looking forward to workings with the new Insiders as they represent Fleur Skins in SL (tm) Please congratulate them!

Friday, November 14, 2008

ALLURE Sale Ends Tonight at Midnight SLT!

Of course we shop at Fleur for the wonderful skins created by the amazing team of Carnot & Petion, but an additional treat that comes with working for Fleur is watching CJ Carnot's masterful building skills. And we're in for another treat I promise you!

On to the Fleur News:)

Tonight [Friday, November 14] at Midnight SLT the Allure 50% off sale ends and the Fleur sim closes for 2 weeks to prepare for a new build AND the release of some exciting new skins in the Boutique Skin line. Target date for the reopening is timed for November 28 in conjunction for the Divas' Fall Premiere. [Divas, for those of you who are not familiar, is a very entertaining SL "soap opera" video series starring many SL fashion luminaries.]

So if you still need Allure skins to take your photos for The Allure of a Diva Flickr Contest that ends on Nov. 28 or to apply for the Fleur Insider Group, today is THE day! And .. at 50% off the price is right! Please ask any of our talented and helpful Customer Service Assistants for help in deciding! They are: Noena Merlin, Fury Stapleton, Cordi Biddle, Umbra Lunardi and Rosie Barthelmess.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Allure Sale Continues Until Friday!

Yes lovely ladies--the Allure 50% off sale continues until THIS coming Friday, November 14. ALL Allure skins are on sale from Bare to the new China tone that is flying out of the store. At that time the store will close for 2 weeks in preparation for some wonderful changes at Fleur, timed to the Divas' Premiere at the end of the month.

So get your Allures, take your pictures and enter them in The Allure of a Diva" Flickr Contest, by submitting them to the Jolie Fleur Flickr Group.

If you need help choosing contact Samara Barzane or one of the other lovely and skilled CSAs, Fury Stapleton, Cordi Biddle, Umbra Lunardi, Rosie Barthelmess or Noena Merlin.

Also please remember to submit your Fleur Insider Applications to Samara Barzane by Thursday, November 20 by 9pm SLT.

Here is a link to full information about this special opportunity.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The New ALLURE Skins on Sale Until Monday!

As part of our ramp-up to the Divas premiere and the release of Allure 2, we are putting ALL the new Allure skins on sale for 50% off.

But only until Monday-so get your Allure NOW!

This is also your chance to find your "inner Diva" for The Allure of a Diva" Flickr Contest:)

Your limo awaits ...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Looking for a Few Good “Fleur Insiders”-APPLICATIONS DUE TODAY!

**REMINDER: Insider Applications are due TODAY Thursday, Nov. 20 by 9pm SLT to Samara Barzane**

If you need an Allure skin you will find Kitten & Smokin' at our store at
Muse, as well as the full range of China skintone makeups at ~silent sparrow~

* * * * * * * *

As part of the Divas premiere anticipated at the end of the month and the release of a number of new skins at that time, Fleur is inviting interested and qualified avatars to apply to be a “Fleur Insider.”

This is an opportunity to get special Insider benefits, such as advance betas, custom skins, exclusive invitations and the possibility of expressing YOUR “Fleur Style” on our blog. In return you ask that you represent Fleur as Ambassadors to the metaverse. Only a few will be chosen for this honor.

** Please follow the application process below. **

Put everything, labeled with your name, in a folder labeled “Fleur Insider -- 'your name' and submit to Samara Barzane by Thursday, November 20 by 9pm SLT.

PLEASE Direct all questions to Samara Barzane. Complete Applications will be given preference.



Please Include
1. 3-4 full perms shots in our skins, including a full body, a full face and a semi-profile. At least ONE shot must be in one of the Allure skins, preferably more.

2. A short statement on why you want to be a Fleur Insider, why you think you would be a good one, why you are passionate about Fleur. Explain how you would categorize your personal style. What role do you see for yourself as an Insider? How would you take advantage of/put to use the privileges of a Fleur Insider membership.

3. Have Fleur in your profile picks BEFORE you submit your application.

4. Any work affiliations with other Second Life ™ fashion content creators should be listed.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

An Update on Muse & Allure China at ~silent sparrow~

If you find yourself on the Muse sim, either enjoying Lyra's creations or stocking up at (luc) Fashion Jewelry, and you feel a craving for a new skin, just cross the bridge and walk to the updated Fleur shop at Muse, just past Nicky Ree on the right. You will find two of our new Allure skin line in all the wonderful new shades, as well as our men's skins there in the space with Fleur over the door!

Here's a s-t-r-e-t-c-h limo for you!

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~
Also, as I am typing anAllure China vendor is being installed at ~silent sparrow~., thanks to hyasynth Tiramisu's kindness. Thus you will be able to purchase the new makeups in the China skintone there, as well as at the Fleur mainstore.

The Allure of a Diva . . .

Announcing a NEW Jolie Fleur Flickr contest, The Allure of a Diva.

Why Diva you may ask?

Many of you may be familiar with the SL Divas videos. If not here is a link. Also to their Halloween special. In their new series to be launched on November 28, they will be wearing exclusively Fleur Allure skins.

Thus we are inviting you to post your most Diva-ish photos of yourself wearing Fleur's new ALLURE skins in the Jolie Fleur Flickr group before November 28 and you may win a Fleur Gift Card and/or have your photo featured in the Fleur Mainstore. So show us what YOU think The Allure of a Diva is and win!