Monday, June 30, 2008

Windlight and You!

**If you are reading this on the feed you'll need to either use link or click through to the Fleur blog to take the quiz.**

Here's a short quiz for you on your use of Windlight.
This is information that will help Roslin & CJ as they are working on the new Fleur skin line for you.

I am not exactly sure how the results will be tabulated, but we'll let you know when I figure that out. *grin* Please let me know if you run into any quirks or problems-IM inworld would be best. Of course you can add any comments on windlight that you wish in the comments section :)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A "How-to" for Our New Belts!

To be honest, when I first laid eyes on our new system layer belts I thought okay ......... what do I do with these? LOL

Then three of our intrepid fashion bloggers in SL(tm) came forth with a series of posts that showed how wonderfully attractive, flexible and useful these little beauties are.

So a big Fleur thanks to Ana, Sasy and Marni. You inspired me to play the layers game and do my own post :)

Ana Lutetia
Scarborough Flair
Artist's Tea Party

and mine

The Long and the Short of It

I hope these blogs show you how versatile the new belts are. They are now available at our Rue D'Antibes store as well as the main store at Fleur.
REMINDER: The 50% off sale on ALL Parfait boutique series skins ONLY at our Rue D'Antibes store will end THIS evening! So get your parfaits now!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Please Give Us a Piece of Your MInd!

Below is a questionnaire that Roslin & CJ would like you to fill out for them. They want to know what YOU like in a skin -- so help them out please and hurry the new skin line along :)))

Please drop the completed Questionnaire on TaP Shepherd. Nice prizes will be awarded on the release of the new skin line later this summer.

Please complete the questionnaire below, put it in a notecard and drop it on to TAP SHEPHERD in world.
All completed questionnaires will be entered for a prize draw to be held on the release of our new skin line.


1. What is your favourite aspect of our Vivant skin ?

2. What is your least favourite aspect of the Vivant skin ?

3. Name your favorite skin brand other than Vivant ?

4. What is your favourite aspect of this other brand?

5. What is your least favourite aspect of this skin brand?

6 Tell us which other skin brand has the best of the following features and why you like them:

a Brows:
b Makeup:
c Nose:
d Mouth shape & texture:
e Body Shading overall:
f. Feet:
g. Genitals:
h. Cleavage:
i. Bottom:

7. Do you prefer skins with a lot of character in the face or with a more neutral face ?

8. What is the most you've ever paid for a skin and which was it ?

9. What would make you choose a more expensive skin over a cheaper one ?

10. What extra features help you decide to buy a skin (ie: freckles, facelight, lashes, mod, etc) ?

11. Do you buy multipacks if they're discounted over single skins ?

12. How often do you buy new skins ?

13. What would make you buy skins more often ?

14. Where do you usually hear about new skin releases ?

14. Please give any other comments, suggestions & feature requests you have for our next skin line.

Good News! Parfait Sale at Rue D'Antibes extended through Wednesday!

Well Roslin's back and she says YAY -- let's extend the Parfait skin sale at Rue D'Antibes through Wednesday! Sooo....

The Parfait and Parfait Deux individual skins AND multipacks are 50% off through Wednesday ONLY at our Rue D'Antibes store. That is L$600 per skin and $2000 for the multipacks. Now those of you who were a few lindens short yesterday have 2 more days to find them :)

Here's your TAXI !

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Parfait Boutique Skin Sale at Rue D'Antibes through Monday!

**Ends Tonight, Monday, June 23**

CJ Carnot must have gotten up on the right side of bed this morning, because when I suggested we have a sale at our Rue D'Antibes store he said YES!!!

ONLY the Boutique Parfait & Parfait Deux individual skins are on sale, and ONLY at the Rue D'Antibes store, but they are 50% off until MONDAY -- thus extending your weekend goodness.

Ssssssshh .... Roslin doesn't know about this ... so maybe you should hop over and grab the goodness before she does :)

He's also put out the wonderful new belts, not on sale, but buy several while you are there. Although they're small, they are mighty fashion statements, and only L$100. each, L$5oo. the multipack.

Your limo awaits:'Antibes/137/103/28

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Belts are Here!

Today is the day to go take a look at Roslin & CJ's new system layer belts that you've been seeing on the fashion feed recently! They are the answer to a fashionista's prayer. No more tweaking prims just to have your AO make you look sliced in half *grin*

These belts are provided on both the jacket and shirt layers for easier mixing and matching. You can use them to dress up a plainer outfit or to pull an outfit together. We're sure you'll find many uses for these style gems. Need I add that, with CJ and Roslin, the textures are rich and beautifully executed.

There are six wonderful styles, each is available in 8 colors that match the Fleur gloves. Most are worn at the mid-thoracic level [Thanks to Sasy Scarborough for that term LOL] They are L$100 each, but for L$500 you get the multipack, saving yourself L$300. They are now on sale in the Fleur clothing boutique to the left of the store landing point.

So come on over and get your solution to the belt problem now! Here's your limousine :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We have our winners! Again it was hard to choose, but in the end we selected three that we thought fulfilled the theme nicely. Thanks again for making us work hard ;)

So without further ado may we present The BATHING BEAUTIES of Fleur!

FIRST PLACE [and winner of a L$2400 Fleur Gift Card]
Aslinn Grizot wearing Fleur Vivant Laura in Buff

SECOND PLACE [and winner of a L$1200 Fleur Gift Card]
Noena Merlin wearing Dig Ophelia 3 in Buff

Willow Caldera wearing Marni 3 in Buff

The winners will receive their prizes shortly. Pictures will also be placed in the Fleur mainstore, after CJ & Roslin release the belts -- yes those wonderful belts you have been seeing on the blog will be out shortly.

Thanks again to The Bathing Beauties of Fleur!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Listen to Roslin & CJ on ScarlettCast

Hear our own Roslin Petion & CJ Carnot as interviewed by Scarlett Niven on her podcast, ScartlettCast. They talk about Fleur and several other topics. It's nice to hear their voices!

You can find the podcast here: Digital Image
If you want to keep up with Scarlett's podcasts there is a kiosk outside Fleur's main store where you can subscribe if you wish. It's to the left of the entrance, next to the kiosk
* * * * * * * *
We've teased the group and now I'll tease you. Roslin & CJ have some belts about to be released that will match some of the Fleur glove colors. I've been permitted to try a couple -- they are super. Stay tuned:)
* * * * * * * *
Also don't forget the new Vivant, Dig Ophelia now in our main store at Fleur. It's worth more than a casual glance!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Do You "Dig Ophelia"? We Do!

The latest and, alas last, makeup in the current Vivant series of skins has just been released. Here's what Roslin Petion has to say about the inspiration for the makeup.
"As soon as I saw hyasynth Tiramisu's homage to cello rock band, Rasputina, I was smitten. Her "How We Quit The Forest" ensemble artfully marries Victorian and punk influences that inspired me to create a matching makeup named after another Rasputina song. "Dig Ophelia," which will be the last regular Vivant release, features a saucy beauty mark , lush lips, and lids with just a touch of shimmer. It is available in 6 skin tones and 3 makeup variations created to compliment the various colors in hya's set."
Having had the privilege of previewing the three makeups I can safely say that Roslin and CJ have done it again -- creating a summery forest-friendly release that you will want to wear!

Come on over and take a look -- you won't be sorry! Prices are L$500 for a single skin and L$1200 for all three makeups in a tone. Fleur Main Store