Monday, September 29, 2008

Time is Running Out!

The 12 Vivant makeups that are retiring to make way for the new Fleur skin line have only a short time left -- two weeks at the most -- so this is a good time to check to make sure you have what you want. I know at those prices I'm trying new looks and skin tones. Why not? At L$250 per makeup and L$600 per trio, it's a no-brainer ;)

The Vivants that will disappear soon are marked with green 50% off sale ovals and are: Natural, Vin, Glam, Feline, Soiree, Pin-up, Rose, Basic Nude, Basic Red, Basic Pink, Lalique and Just Lips.

More about the new line as soon as Roslin and CJ let me ! But I can say that it's pretty wonderful. New base, new range of skin tones, super makeups, yummy body and, as always, the Fleur quality that we know and love. So be patient a bit more! [And get those retiring Vivants before they do!]
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Shortly we'll be setting up the voting process for the Retiring Vivant Photo Contest winners, where you, the discerning reader, will choose the model/photographer who best represented the retiring Vivant makeups. Look for more information soon...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Parfait Indeed!

Our Hall of Fame Jolie Fleur, Grazia Horwitz, has selected this week's winners! So without further ado -- here are her choices :) [Interestingly enough all are wearing Parfait Deux #3 in Vanilla]

+ + + + + + + +

1) Halfpint Pennell – Apple picking in Fleur
I picked this photo because it does the most justice to the skin. I’ve always found Parfait to be a happy face, and Halfpint just wonderfully captured the girlish beauty.

2) Dot Lane - Is That A Pistil Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
Dot’s photo cracks me up. It is just too funny. Besides it reminds me of Blind Melon’s No Rain [] , which is still one of my favourite songs.

3) Achariya Maktoum - Parfait at Home 01
Achariya has a pretty unique style, and I love to read her blog, even if her style is so not my style. Parfait is one of the skins I like best on her avie, and this photo just shows it off beautifully.

Aside from the Fleur gifties for this weeks winners, I’d like to contribute something too, and I will be contacting you in world with a nice pose pack. Thank you, Roslin, CJ and Samara too, for inviting me to pick this weeks winners!
+ + + + + + + +

You are more than welcome Grazia -- sure made my job easier LOL

And a BIG CONGRATS to the winner, who will be receiving their gift cards shortly.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

***Parfait Flickr Contest Due Date Extended!***

A couple of you twisted my arm every so gently, saying you needed the weekend to prepare your Parfait Photos -- so the new deadline is Sunday, Sept. 21st at 9pm SLT.

This will be the last Flickr contest before the release of the new line of Fleur skins. So get those photos in there!

The Parfait Deux skins will remain on sale through the weekend. AND, as the new skins are coming soon, you need to get those returing Vivant makeups before they disappear!

The Shoujo Boutique skins are, alas, no longer on sale, BUT the Parfait Deux Boutique skins are! 50% off until at least next Saturday. So this is your chance to grab some Parfait Deux hand drawn goodness at half price, including fat packs.

And if that isn't enough incentive, the Jolie Fleur Flickr Contest for this week is YOU'RE PARFAIT! While only the Parfait Deuxs are on sale, you may submit photos of the original Parfaits also. Photos are due to the Flickr Group by 7pm SLT, Friday, September 19, 2008. We know you'll be perfect!

Now for the extra twist:) Our Jolie Fleur Hall of Famer, Grazia Horwitz, will be doing the choosing for us. Thank you Grazia -- now take those pictures and may the Parfaits win!

This contest is extra special as it will be the last one until the launch of the new skin line coming along in a few weeks' time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Sure Did!

We asked you to SHOW OFF SHOUJO and you certainly did. So much so that, in addition to the three winners, there are 2 honorable mentions, who will receive a L$250 Fleur Gift Card. Just enough to buy a nice dress or a sale Vivant.

The winners showed off Shoujo in many creative ways. So here they are!

Shoujo Winners [L$500 Fleur Gift Card]
Nissa Nightfire feeling fantastical wearing Shoujo 6 in Lily
Guuguu Ghia purring in Shoujo 4 in Lotus
Noena Merlin dreaming in Shoujo 5 in Lotus

Shoujo Honorable Mentions [L$250 Fleur Gift Card]
Cordi Biddle in your face in Shoujo 6 in Lotus
Sakuradawn Lei looking lovely in Shoujo 6 in Lily

Congratulations to you all!

But that's not all!

Those of you following the Jolie Fleur contests know that one of the best photographers out there in our part of the metaverse is Grazia Horwitz. And she does wear her Fleur so very well. So we have decided to award her with "Jolie Fleur Hall of Fame" status. What does that mean? Stay tuned *winks*

Here she is in Shoujo Lady Edwina in Lotus .

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Show Off Shoujo! -- Our New Flicker Contest and SALE!

Our new Flickr Contest, week 6 of our countdown to the new skin release, asks you to SHOW OFF SHOUJO. To help you along there is currently a sale on Shoujo Boutique skins at Fleur, including the Nicky Ree collaboration ones, but, alas, not the Black Swan. Although you can certainly post Black Swan pictures to the contest.

Shoujo, while anime inspired, is a very versatile look -- The Nicky Ree Collaboration skins show that for sure:) So SHOW OFF SHOUJO -- we're looking for atmosphere, your outfit, location -- whatever approach expresses YOUR view of the Fleur Shoujo Boutique skins! Fell free to resubmit an earlier photo from the pool to this contest.

Photos are due in the Jolie Fleur Flickr pool by 7pm SLT, Friday, September 12.
Prizes will be L$500 Fleur Gift Cards, which, with the also ongoing Retiring Vivant Sale, will buy 2 Vivants for you!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Clothed in Fleur [Week 5 Flickr Contest]

This past week we were looking for you in Fleur clothing -- just taking a brief break from the retiring Vivants -- and you showcased the beautifully designed and made Fleur clothing better than we imagined :)

The winners were: [please click on the photo collage for the full-sized image]

Ran Garrigus for his wonderful recreation of "Singing in the Rain," wearing Fleur's Men's Charcoal Suit. [A freebie at the previous train station build]

Rack Brautigan, for creating atmosphere without a specific location, wearing Effervescent in Black. [Her photo made me go buy the dress :)]

and second time winner,
alerbic_b, for her character creation of "Lardine", who is wearing Fleur's Juillet Dress in Sky as she meets her fate. [Be sure to read the sad tale on the Jolie Fleur group Flickr page.]

Congratulations to you all! You will receive your L$500 Fleur Gift Card shortly :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Celebrating Fleur Clothing!

The current Jolie Fleur Flickr Contest asks our group members to clothe themselves in Fleur. As group admin I can't enter, so I thought I'd share three of my favorite Fleur outfits with you, hoping you too will want to enter the contest! Prizes will be Fleur Gift Cards for the photo or photos that best show off Fleur's clothes, plus publication of your photo in the Fleur blog.

On the left is the "Mai" swimsuit. It comes in this modest version as well as a more midriff-baring one. The detail is the quality you expect from anything Fleur -- clean design, matched seams and a prim skirt that fits :) Shoes are the Office Fling Slingbacks in Blue. On the right is "Avril", a lovely strapless dress in flower-petaled lavender [remember what they say about April showers ;)] I de-pouffed the system skirt a bit, but otherwise perfection! Nobody does a system skirt better than CJ Carnot, I wager :) The dress comes with a small sweater, but I opted for the bare shoulder look.

In the middle is something old and new. Recently Fleur released their popular Desk Set Suit in Lilac, Pink and Seafoam. I'm wearing the latter. Again the system skirt is superb -- just look at the ruching, but what you can't see is the perfect zipper on the back of the skirt. Details are a Fleur hallmark for sure! The system top has wonderful ruffles that don't require an attachment point and don't require adjustment. Sometimes simple is good!

Shoes for Avril and Desk Set are the Satin Slingbacks in Black. Hair is ETD Patricia in Apricot, skin is Fleur Vivant Basic Pink 2 in Buff [one of the current sale skins at Fleur] -- necklace is MiamMiam's Feather Pendant Necklace and Earrings.

To find the Fleur Clothing Boutique either turn left at the landing point or look for the teleport at the door of the main store. Pictures for the contest are due to the Flickr Group by 5pm, SLT, Friday, September 5.