Friday, October 31, 2008

A New Tone for Allure -- China!

Just in time for your Halloween Weekend, Roslin and CJ have released 6 new makeups in the palest of pale Allure tones, China. Orginally made for hyasynth Tiramisu, these gothly beauties are now available at the Fleur store and will be available tomorrow at ~silent sparrow~.

There are six makeups, each with 3 variations, enough ghostly presence, for everyone's inner goth, or Commedia dell'arte character. They are China Coeur, Femme Fatale, Licentious, Mystique, Perish and Sinuous.

**Demos are now available!**

MY favorites are Coeur [requested especially by hya] and Sinuous.

Happy Haunting!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Introducing Your Allure CSAs

With a number of you asking for advice and assistance with the new Allure skins from Fleur we have decided to hire several of our Allure Launch Models as Customer Service Assistants to help you. As models they are experienced at tweaking shapes and putting *that* look together with the new Allure makeups.

They will be in the shop regularly throughout the week. We'll post a partial schedule as soon as we have one. But each CSA will announce in the Fleur Update Group Chat that she is in the store. While, of course, they will glady answer any Fleur-related questions, their particular expertise is to help you find YOUR Allure :)

So please give a warm welcome to the first Fleur Allure CSAs -- Noena Merlin, Fury Stapleton, Cordi Biddle and Rosie Barthelmess. Look for their "Allure Model" tag in the store soon.

As always transaction problems should be addressed to myself, Samara Barzane, or TaP Shepherd. Any questions about the CSAs should be directed to me please.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They're talking about Allure :)

With the launch of Fleur's new premium skin line, Allure, have come some wonderful blog posts that reinforce our belief that Allure is something very special indeed!

To make your life a bit easier here's a small selection of the reviews and discussions of Allure.

Lure me in
Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!
The Many Faces of Fleur
The Allure of Fleur
Fleur Allure: New Skin Launch
Da Shape

Plus a few pictures of the Allure Launch Models taken by duckyfresh Watanbe :) [Thank you ducky!]

Do drop by the store, get those demos and discover for yourself what the Allure buzz is about :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Allure is Launched!

We had a super party at Fleur yesterday, with DJ duckyfresh Watanbe, 9 super Flickr winners as our Allure Models** and all of you who came to help us celebrate the debut of an astonishing new skin line from the talented pixels of CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion.

Allure is all its hype promised. A delicious new base and body, 6 new scrumptious skintones and 18 makeups overall! Since I was busy talking with all of you and with the models, I didn't take any pictures, so here are a few of the pictures of our Jolie Fleur Flickr members have been posting wearing the new Allure skins. Please feel free to post yours as we will be refreshing the store pictures from time to time!

And thanks again to Ran Garrigus and Umbra Lunardi for suggestioning the name for the new line. It couldn't have been more perfect :)

The Allure Launch Gift Box will remain available through this evening. Go get your gift, grab those demos [now transferable] and find your Allure.

** The "Allure Nine" were: Noena Merlin, Cordi Biddle, nemi McCoy, Aislinn Grizot, Rosie Bathelmess, Gabby Panacek, Freyja Nemeth, HalfPint Pennell and duckyfresh Watanbe. Thank you all for representing Fleur so beautifully :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You are all invited to the Allure Launch at Fleur at 12 noon SLT

**ALLURE is Launched**

Thanks to the wonderful models and to duckyfresh Watanbe for her expert DJing.
But most of all to Roslin and CJ for a stunning new line of skins!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A totally new [and scrumptious] line of skins.
Nine lovely Jolie Fleur Flickr winners modeling the new Allure skin line.
duckyfresh Wantanbe as our DJ.

A new look for the store.

... for the rest you will just have to come see for yourself! 12 noon SLT TODAY:)


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Introducing ... Allure

Please join us at the Fleur sim on Sunday, October 19 at 12 noon SLT for the launch of the new Fleur skin line, Allure. Named in a contest [the winners Umbra Lunardi and Ran Garrigus], Allure is the new premium line of skins for Fleur.

Painstakingly created by the talents of CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion, Allure is a truly hybrid skin that integrates both photo-sourcing and hand-drawn techniques. Each skin includes mod brows and pubic panties.

Allure is priced at L$1200 for a single and L$3k for a 3 pack. At the launch a total of 18 makeup looks in 6 skin tones with be available. A new note is that demos will be transferable!

At the launch there will be a gift bag, which will be available for 24 hours in case you can't make the opening. From 12 noon on there will be 9 Allure models, among them many of our Flickr contest winners, who will be showing you the new Allure skins.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop... looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Announcing: The Name of the NEW Fleur Skins Line...

Allure :)

It is a name that reflects the glamor and luxury of these skins perfectly and ... If you recall there was a contest to name the new line.

We are happy to announce that TWO of you suggested "Allure" and thus we have two winners...

They are....

Umbra Lunardi and Ran Garrigus!

Besides Fleur's grateful thanks for finding the perfect name, they will receive a generous gift from Fleur for their superb suggestion!

Remember the new line debuts this Sunday, October 19-more soon :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1 1/2 Hours to Go: Fleur Gift Cards & 12 Vivant Makeups!

***Fleur Gift Cards will expire at 9am SLT TODAY [1 1/2 hrs from now] and the retiring Vivants will retire***

Tomorrow morning [Monday, October 13] at 9am SLT the Fleur Mainstore will close to prepare for the new skin line that will debut on Sunday, October 19. [More details soon!]

At that time ALL FLEUR GIFT CARDS WILL EXPIRE and the the 12 Vivant makeups that are marked down 50% will retire at this time. As a reminder they are marked with green 50% off sale ovals and are: Natural, Vin, Glam, Feline, Soiree, Pin-up, Rose, Basic Nude, Basic Red, Basic Pink, Lalique and Just Lips.

So, before 9am SLT tomorrow, use those cards and get any of the retiring Vivant makeups you have been hankering after, because this is IT!

Then .... we'll start telling you about the wonderful newness that is coming your way from Fleur Skins.

Any questions, please bug me, not Roslin or CJ as they are still hard at work on the "New Fleur."

Monday, October 06, 2008

Out with the Old to Make Way for the New!

On Monday, October 13, 2008 at 9am SLT, the Fleur Skins Mainstore will close in preparation for the launch of the new skin line on Sunday, October 19 at a time to be announced :).

At that time ALL CURRENT FLEUR GIFT CARDS WILL EXPIRE and the retiring Vivant makeups will fade into our memories, unless we've been wise enough buy them for our inventories ;)

So three things to do.

1. Make sure you have used your Fleur Gift cards before next Monday at 9am SLT.
2. Get any of the 12 retiring Vivant makeups you think you might ever want 'cause this is IT!
3. And wait patiently for the debut of the new Fleur Skin Line! Or, as I am, wait IMPATIENTLY ;)

Any questions? Please IM me, Samara Barzane, as CJ & Roslin are busy as heck. Thanks! I promise it will be worth the wait :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Please Help CJ and Roslin! Enter the CONTEST to Name the New Skin Line at Fleur


CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion have been working their pixels to the bone on developing the new skin line debuting soon at Fleur Skins. But, they have been working so hard they haven't had time to figure out what to call the line.

So ... this is where you come in. They need your help to name the new skin line.

Think of glamor and luxury, of wonderful warm skintones, of elegant and dramatic makeups and of fur shrugs, satin sheath dresses, and diamonds glittering in the Klieg lights. . .

Drop your suggestion for the name of the new skin line in a notecard with your name in the title on TaP Shepherd by midnight SLT, Thursday, October 2. If they choose your name to use for the new line you will be rewarded with a generous gift of the new skins :) [You'll have to provide the diamonds!]

So please help my hardworking bosses out -- they are counting on you, their fans, to help them over the last hurdle to presenting their wonderful creations to the SL world!

Questions? IM Samara Barzane. CJ and Roslin are still hammering away :)