Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mrrrrooooooow! (Vivant Contest -- Week 4)

This week you were purrrrrfect. While there were many wonderful photos to choose from, Roslin's Feline makeup emerged as the winner, specifically makeup #3.

Without further ado, but with a big *mew* -- here are the winners!
Top: Gabby Panacek wearing Feline 3 in Bronze
Bottom Left: Firedragon Bellios wearing Feline 3 in Blush
Bottom Right: Gaia Granada wearing Feline 3 in Bronze

Since I am away from SL this week, look for your L$500 Fleur Gift Card to come from Roslin Petion!

REMINDER: Next week's contest is for Fleur Clothing. Just turn left from the landing point and you will find the Fleur Clothing Boutique. We'll be looking for interesting locations that show off our clothing. So start scouting and snapping! More information when I return home on Saturday!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the Winners Are... [Vivant Photos, Week 3]

Y'all sure know how to make my task both pleasant and difficult -- so thanks! Seriously -- all of us at Fleur are enjoying the ways in which you are showing off our retiring Vivant makeups.

This week Soirée snuck in again, but not without some sturdy competition from Basic Nude and Pin-up. The winners are:

Umbra Lunardi wearing Soirée 3 in Buff, along with a wowser of of outfit.
Aislinn Grizot in Basic Nude 1 in Almond, with probably a bad headache from that cage.
hyasynth Tiramisu showing off Pin-up 3 in Cream, along with her horns and hya outfit.

Bien fait! They will be receiving their L$500 Fleur Gift Cards inworld shortly.

And Week 4 commences ... where will this end? Nobody knows ... but feel free to resubmit from the previous week if you wish as we're always willing to take a second look!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soirée It Is! [Vivant Photos, Week 2]

First my apologies for the delay in awarding the Week 2 winners of the Retiring Vivant skins contest. RL intervened :(

On to the good stuff! There were lots of nice entries this week, including some wonderful ones from last week's winners and of the Basic series of Vivant skins, but my eye kept returning to 3 images that showed off the Soirée makeup in 3 very different ways. So without further ado -- the winners of this week's "Retiring Vivants Contest" are . . .

Rosie Barthelmess wearing Soirée 2 in Buff
Freyja Nemeth wearing Soirée 3 in Bronze
Liana Arai wearing Soirée 3 in Buff

There were other wonderful Soirée photos, but these spoke to me of the range of expression possible starting with the Soirée makeup -- from elegance with ears and piercings, to a glorious gilded room to a moment of solitude in Cuba. Each winner will receive a L$500 Fleur Gift Card as soon as I can get online :)

Remember that this week's photos will be due on Wednesday evening, 5pm SLT and, hopefully, a swifter posting of the winners. Post 'em at

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Black Swan Glides into Fleur ...

At last we can welcome The Black Swan to the Fleur home sim after its debut at The Black Swan Project.

The Fleur skin was created to compliment Nicky Ree's Black Swan gown and uses the Boutique Shoujo skin in the Lily skin tone. Black Swan 1 was created to Nicky's specifications, 2 is a classic makeup look, the lip color on 3 is the same hue as the beak on a black swan.

So come say hello, get those demos, buy, and enjoy wearing the sumptuously dramatic makeups, enjoy their grace, but don't feed the swans, 'cause they bite!

The vendors are to the right of the landing point:

The Eyes Have It! [Vivant Photos, Week 1]

UPDATE: We are now awarding a L$500 Fleur Gift Card to the avatars whose photos are published in the blog during this contest. Roslin thought I was being too cheap LOL. So now it's not just fame, it's also fortune :) Enjoy!
= = = = = = = =
Here are the choices made from the first week's Jolie Fleur Flickr photo stream of our about-to-be retired Vivant skins. You didn't make it easy! And the "eyes" did have it :)

The three images shown below go into the pool that you all will vote on for the prizes to be awarded on the release of the new Fleur skin line. [expected in September]

Congratulations to... [from left to right]

Noena Merlin wearing Fleur Vivant Feline 2 (buff)
Grazia Horwitz wearing Fleur Vivant Natural 2 (buff)
Fury Stapleton wearing Fleur Vivant Pin Up 1 (buff)

If you didn't get selected this week, please resubmit for next week. Same conditions apply. Show off the Vivant skin to its best :) Post by Tuesday evening and those selected to be published in the blog will be posted the next morning.

Friday, August 01, 2008

A Fond Farewell .... to some Retiring Vivant Skins

Nope, none of the Fleur team is going anywhere, but 12 Vivant skins are going to be discontinued upon the launch of Fleur's new line of skins in September. And they are on sale for 50% off until then.

BUT they deserve a proper send-off don't you think?

So a slightly different kind of Flickr contest. Post your "Bon Voyage" to your favorite about-to-be-discontinued skins on our Flickr. About once a week I, Samara Barzane, will do a blog post including a few of your photos that I like especially.

PLEASE label them with the skin name, number and tone.

The skins eligible for this contest are .... Natural, Vin, Glam, Feline, Soiree, Pinup, Rose, Basic Nude, Basic Red, Basic Pink, Lalique and Just Lips

You may post up to 5 pictures a week while the fun lasts :)

At the end there will be a poll where YOU decide which three photos that I have posted do the departing skins the most justice. There will be prizes :)

Let the homage begin!