Friday, September 29, 2006

Right Off the Runway

Trendy is out in Tete a Pied right now. As I mentioned before, this makeup was based on a look at the Fall Versace show. It did end up morphing into something a bit fresher than the inspiration makeup but I like that. I think it is just a result of the Tete character coming through. CJ and I are starting to really see our hallmark in our work. I feel like we are finding ourselves creatively and one of our characteristics is interpretating things in a fresh, clean way.

Other things in the works....skins for men! After much deliberation, CJ decided to return back to his work in progress. Originally, we felt like too many men prefer photoreal skins to bother but we've received so many requests that we thought we would give it a go. So keep your eyes peeled for those in the next week or so.

Finally, yes, we plan on making more bags but with the mens skins and other side projects, you may have a bit to wait is all.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tete Branches Out

There aren't too many handbags out there in SL and even fewer really classic looking, lady like bags. So of course, I begged, pleaded and coerced Mr. Carnot into making one just like I wanted. It's something that I wish I could afford in real life, rich in detail yet tasteful and understated. It comes with a standard hold that will not interfere your AO and in a stroke of genius, CJ decided to make the bag change on touch. So you can cycle through all 6 colors without fussing through your inventory. The "Heiress"handbag is available now in our new release section.

While CJ was busy working on the handbag, I was working on our latest 4 pack. It is inspired by a makeup look scene at the Fall Versace show. Very richly colored(or coloured for those of you on the other side of the pond), smoky eyes paired with subtle lips. The four pack, which will be called Trendy, should be released sometime around Thursday. For now, you will have to satisfy your curiosity with a sneak peek. This is me in the Indigo makeup.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just Peachy

      I am in love with Lash Xevious's Peaches, both the hair and the lovely peach and gestures that come with it(featured right). Even when I'm not wearing her hair, you'll find that peach in my hand.It really inspired me to come up with something fun and well...peach. So with CJ's help, I created a 4 pack of makeup inspired by both Lash's hair and the mighty peach.

      Peach Natural is an ode to the last days of summer, freckles are sprinkled about and complimented by a natural makeup. Peach Melba, has peach shadow and blush paired with raspberry lips and a cheeky beauty mark. Peach blossom isn't really peach but rather pink, like the flowers. The last makeup is Peach Sorbet, with the punchiest peach palette of the four. I hope everyone enjoys the skins as much as I did making them.

      Oh and on a side note...The latest issue of Second Style is finally out follow the link on the side to get a pdf or pick up an in world copy at any of the participating locations, including Second Style headquarters. I had a great time interviewing our very first style guy, Athel Richileu as well as the very talented Canimal Zehpyr.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Too Tired for a Clever Title

      Many moons ago, when CJ and I released the Dresden skin line, we received several requests for geisha makeup. We had done a little bit of research at that point and were considering doing a makeup but we had too many other projects to give it the time and effort we felt was appropriate. As soon as the Tete 2 line was released we continued our research in an effort to depict the Geisha makeup in as accurate a fashion as possible. We learned that Geisha's actually begin their careers as maikos, the literal translation for is'dancing girls.' A geisha's makeup changes to reflect each new stage of her training as well as her age. Because a geisha's beauty is supposed to grow with age, she would use less makeup. Usually, a geisha over thirty only wears the full geisha makeup (like we used in our Junior Geisha makeup) for formal occasions or performances. We've also included a free shape with the 4 pack. We based our makeups mostly on the 2 following websites:

      We have also released a newbie skin for accounts less than 30 days only. I created the makeup for this special offer exclusively and it comes in all 9 skin tones. Both the newbie and geisha packs are available on the shelves in the center of the store.