Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saying Goodbye

A year ago, Samara Barzane joined Fleur. She was full of ideas and enthusiasm and has proven to be both a loyal employee and a good friend. Unfortunately, Sam is cutting back on her working hours in SL and will no longer be with us, effective the first of March. Luckily for us all, this vibrant member of our community will not be gone from SL and I might be able to convince her to help out with the odd special event from time to time. :-) Thank you Sam, for all that you have done, for your hard work and dedication. CJ and I both wish you all the best.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Announcing Our Valentines!

The winners of the "Be Our Valentine" Contest are:

First: Ana Lutetia in Shoujo Valentine Red
Second (tied): Cerrie Janus & Fleur Insider, Titania Tigerpaw, in Shoujo Valentine Pink

Congrats to the winners and to ALL of you who submitted such lovely images:) See all the entries in the Jolie Fleur Flickr Group
The winners will receive their prizes shortly.

Don't forget that The Limited Release Shoujo Valentine skin will +poof+ at the end of February.
Your LIMO awaits ...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Time is Running Out.... At 11:59pm Today!

**Both the grid-wide Vain Kissed Hunt and the Jolie Fleur "Be Our Valentine" Flickr Contest end today at 11:59pm SLT!**

And the Limited Release Shoujo Valentine skins will disappear at the end of February.

So it's time to get those LR Valentine Shoujo skins, take those pictures and submit them for consideration to the Jolie Fleur Flickr Group.

A reminder -- the skins we are looking for in the Flickr contest are the Limited Release SHOUJO Valentine Red or Pink, not the Vain Hunt Allure Valentine skin. [Although we love pictures of you in ANY Fleur skin :)]

And since the hunt Allure skin isn't eligible for the contest we thought we'd share a few of those group submissions with you in the blog. If you haven't gotten the Fleur Allure Valentine Hunt skins, what are you waiting for?

From left to right: Gabby Panacek, Creamy Cooljoke and Rosie Barthelmess. Do visit the Jolie Fleur Flickr Pool to see them in their full glory!

Limo provided ...

Monday, February 09, 2009

New China Skin: L'Oiseau

CJ and I have long admired the work of hyasynth Tiramisu and soon after personal introductions, I had the good fortune of learning that she is not only a talented content creator but a wonderful person and a good friend. So when hya told me that she had created a lovely set named Fleur and was wondering if I wouldn't mind creating a complimentary skin, the word 'no' slipped from my vocabulary. She even sent over a psd file of the brocade pattern to use on the skin (you can see the detail I borrowed from Hya in the eyeliner that extends past the corner of the eyes! How do you honor someone who honors you? Well, we've returned the favor (sort of) and named the skins L'Oiseau for the little birdy behind Silent Sparrow. You can find the Fleur set and the rest of the Ms. Tiramisu's creations at silentsparrow the L'Oiseau skins will be there in the next day or so or if you are impatient, you can find them in the park at the flagship Fleur .

A Little P.S.
As some of you may have heard, there has been a devastating bushfire in Australia and Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck have organized to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross. We've set up a donation kiosk at Fleur and they can be found in other locations throughout SL. Also, some content creators have been creating special items and/or promising to donate income from sales to the fund. Checky out Savvy?, Philotic Energy, and Sable Rose are among those participating in some way or other and the list keeps growing. If interested in getting involved, please contact Autumn Hykova.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Hunt is ON!

The Vain Gridwide Hunt, "Kissed," has begun! Well over 200 in-world merchants are participating including FLEUR. All you have to do is get a starter kiss and follow the trail.

But we think you should START with us ;) Why? Because Roslin & CJ have created a hunt gift skin that *sparkles.* It is a luscious Allure skin available in ALL Allure skintones, including the popular lightest tone, China. I'm wearing it above in Alabaster.

Enjoy the hunting, and, while you are at Fleur, pick up the Limited Release Shoujo Valentine skins, take some pictures and enter our "Be Our Valentine" Flickr contest.

Your LIMO awaits :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Be Our Valentine?

We've been getting some lovely images of the NEW Fleur Boutique Shojo Valentine skins submitted to our Jolie Fleur Flickr Group, so Roslin thought it would be a good idea to have a Flickr contest, which we are calling"Be Our Valentine?."

Cerrie Janus wearing Shojo Valentine Red &
Nissa Nightfire wearing Shojo Valentine Pink

The contest will run from now until the end of the Vain Kissed gridewide hunt, in which we are participating. You are always creative, now show us why you should "Be Our Valentine!" You may submit your pictures wearing either the Shojo Valentine Red or Shojo Valentine Pink in any of the wonderful Shojo skintones: Lily, Lotus & Azalea.

First Prize: L$1000. Fleur Store Card
Second Prize: L$500. Fleur Store Card

You will find the Valentine lovelies in the Shojo shop at Fleur.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fleur Shoujo Limited Release Valentine Skins

*** Tomorrow is the last day that the Limited Release Shoujo Valentine Skins will be available before they *poof* into the ether for good.***

If you have been dilly-dallying. NOW is a good time to make sure you have them in your inventory. They are available in two delicious makeups-Red & Pink and ALL Shojo tones including China.

Fleur is pleased to announce the release of their Limited Edition Valentine Skins now available in the Shoujo Shop at Fleur. We asked our update group members and Fleur Insiders which skin they wanted for the Valentine skin and they chose Shoujo! The results are delightful.

The soft glow of Shoujo enhances the the romantic feel of these skins. Both the Valentine Pink and Valentine Red are available in the three Shoujo skintones, Lotus, Lily and the newest, Azalea. Each is highlighted by a small beauty mark near the left eye. Valentine Red is richly romantic, while Valentine Pink is a more tender option. Each is priced at L$1000 per skin. Store cards may be used.

The Shoujo Valentine skins will be available only for the month of February. After that they will poof! So please take our limo, try the demos, and surrender to the beauty of these skins.