Friday, January 30, 2009

Fleur is Smokin'

When we were planning our Allure line, I did a lot of research on makeup looks to gain some inspiration. I poured through pictures from runway shows on the internet, sorted through my inspiration folder filled with pictures of makeups pulled from magazines, and made frequent trips to the bookstore looking for a new book that struck my fancy. One day I came across Eye Candy by Linda Mason. This is where I got my inspiration for our Smokin' makeup. For those curious about the book, it is full of some really fun, funky makeup looks and the models are fresh-faced, 'real' girls.

Get your Allure Smokin' at Fleur. Here's your taxi!
And don't forget Biba and Winter Nights, both offering a variety of unique looks for your SL(tm) evenings :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Smokin' Hot!!

Photographer, model & graphics :Fury Stapleton

Style notes:

Skin: Fleur Allure Smokin' 3 in Caramel
Shape: Fleur Soul Love (soon to be released)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fashion Forward: Fleur Allure Exotique Inspiration

While I don't consider myself a slave to fashion, I do follow it closely. I have a deep respect and admiration for clothing as an art form and because of this, I closely follow the launch of several of my favorite designers each season.

The inspiration for the Exotique makeup was from a runway look for Fall 08. Sadly, I can't remember what designer featured the look. What I love about this makeup is that while it is a little bit "exotic", it is still a very wearable evening/going out look for a young woman. The color palette for the first makeup came from the inspiration picture and the other two looks featured color combinations that I created.

I find that for the most part, runway makeup tends to be a great way to predict the seasons coming trends in makeup and serve as an inspiration for your own looks.

Please drop by Fleur and try the very wearable "fashion-forward" makeups of Exotique, which is NOW on 50% sale for the next week.

Your limo awaits!

Monday, January 19, 2009

An Exotique Treat

Model, photographer and graphics : Fury Stapleton

Style notes:

Skin: Fleur Allure Exotique 1 in Caramel
Shape: Fleur, Something Beautiful (available soon)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

All about Fleur's Kitten--Now on Sale!

Roslin talking about Fleur Allure Kitten:
The Kitten makeup look began with a classic 50's style cat eye liner. It's a nice clean liquid eye liner that's not as thick as a 60s liner, nor as diffused and soft as a lot of modern cat eye liner looks are today. It's a style of eye makeup that's pretty much always in style, a true classic. I paired the eyes with 3 shades of semi-matte lipstick. The first shade is a very classic tomato red, the second is a shade of pink with a bit more of an 80s influence. The third shade was inspired by the winter 08 fashion trends, it is a very dark pink with a little bit of plum undertones.
The Allure Kitten skins are now on sale at 50% off for about a week. Purrrrrrrrr on over and say hello to your inner kitten! Your TAXI!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Photographer, Graphics & Model: Fury Stapleton

Shape: Fleur, Here on my Own (to be released)
Skin: Fleur, Allure Kitten 3 in Cinnamon

And just a note: We'll be putting the skin of the week on sale the day Roslin features it in her post. So to catch up, Bare is on sale until Friday! 50% off all three makeups in all six skin tones! The sale price will show when you click pay. I can "barely" contain myself ;)

Your Limo!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saving $$ at Fleur

It's not a SALE, but in a way it is.

With our new store cards you can save 33-50% on our skins by buying the L$3000. and L$6000. store cards. [While the store cards are available in L$500 and L$1000, it is the larger cards that give you nice savings:)]

It's easy! Just right click the rose-tinted placards that you will find throughout the store and you will be able to buy them. You pay only L$2000. for the 3k card and L$3000. for the 6k card. This way you can spend it over time, OR pick your own multi-pack at considerable savings! As always these cards are giftable. So what are you waiting for?

Your limo awaits:

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Allure Bare

At the urging of Sam and Fury, I'm going to be doing a series of posts discussing the inspiration for each of the Allure makeup looks. For my first post, I thought it would be fitting to discuss our Bare set since it's our most basic Allure makeup.

To be fair, Bare is not exactly bare, it is really more of a 'no makeup' makeup look. I'm a serious makeup lover, even before I became a content creator. As some of you may know, I've a few years experience in cosmetics in RL but I've been passionate about makeup for as long as I can remember. That said, sometimes, a girl wants to let her true self shine through. Or in my case, sometimes a girl gets tired of the 'full face' makeup look that's expected of her at work and feels like going for the bare minimum in her free time.

All three makeups feature a little bit of liner applied close to the lash line. The first makeup in bare is just a light, slightly pink tinted lip gloss and a hint of blush. The second look has a more flushed cheek, the kind you would see after someone comes in from the cold and the gloss is turned down, more of a chapstick, than a proper gloss. The final look is what I tend to sport most summers, freckles with a warmer toned lip gloss.

You can find Allure Bare, and all the other Allure makeups in the Allure Shop at Fleur.
We'll look forward to seeing you there!

How You Wore Yours Gloves on New Year's Eve!

We have the winners of the "How Will You Wear Your Gloves on New Years Eve" Jolie Fleur Flickr contest. And from your submissions it's clear that you were spending your New Year's Eves in a variety of manners :) Per usual you didn't make it easy to choose. But choose we did!

Without further ado the winners are:

First Place & a L$1000 Fleur Store Card: Grazia Horwitz for "Peel me a Grape," wearing our gloves in crimson and not much else ;) [skin is a Fleur Shojo Holiday Custom]
Second Place & a L$500 Fleur Store Card: Fleur Insider, Titania Tigerpaw for "Look No Rope Burns!," finding a practical use for our gloves. [skin is Fleur Biba 1 in alabaster]
Second Place & a L$500 Fleur Store Card: Elspeth Jewell for her smoldering "after midnight..." [skin is the Allure launch gift, Fleur Vampy -- -no longer available]

Thanks to everyone who submitted -- please visit the
Jolie Fleur Flickr Group to see ALL the wonderful submissions!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Allure's Allure

Skin: Fleur Allure Lounge 3 in Sable
Model & Photographer: Fury Stapleton
Graphics: CJ Carnot

Photographers note: The only post editing done on the original shot was to smooth out the shape of any jagged pixels, at elbows and hips, and to light the figure. There has been no post editing done on the skin itself. It is as seen inworld, no smoothing or liquifying added!

Come visit!