Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's a Holiday Sale at Fleur!

It's a holiday weekend in the US and UK so what better excuse for Roslin Petion [US] and CJ Carnot [UK] to have a sale!

**The sale continues through 9am SLT Tuesday, that is tomorrow.**

Yup, A SALE -- and a nice one. The sale skins will have an oval green 50% off tag next to them, but just to help you zero in on the goodies, it is ALL Boutique skins as well as the most recent new releases. So that’s Parfait, Parfait Deux, Shoujo, Marni, Blossom and the six wonderful new makeups from the Fleur/Nicky Ree collaboration on sale! Individual skins only!

So hop on over and have yourself a wonderful holiday weekend :)

Announcing a new Flickr Contest: BATHING BEAUTIES!

Show us how you and your Fleur skin are heading for summer!

Your photos wearing a Fleur skin and fulfilling the "Bathing Beauties" theme will be accepted up until Sunday, June 15th at 5pm SLT. at the Jolie Fleur Flickr group. Any questions, please contact me, Samara Barzane :)

First and second prizes will be awarded [L$2400 and L$1200 gift cards respectively] with the First Prize winner getting their picture displayed in the store.

We know you are ready for summer, so show us your "Bathing Beauties!" We can't wait to see your inventiveness and style!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"After the ball is over ....

... after the break of morn. After the dancers' leaving, after the stars are gone" ... two lines from a sad little 1890s US song. but there is no sadness here!

"After the ball is over" gives us chance to admire CJ Carnot's absolutely splendid build for the Fleur/Nicky Ree collaboration Spring Ball without the distraction of elegant ladies and well-dressed gents.

The ball was held last Saturday in the magnificent ballroom spanning the two sims. I didn't take pictures as I was on low resolution to survive, but here is one taken by one of our Jolie Fleurs, Elaine Lisle. [Thanks Elaine!]

hya Tiramisu and Achariya Maktoum came as charming Goth boys to make sure the ladies had enough partners. You can see Achariya's report in her blog here.

But the skins *sigh* -- I fell in love with the new Shoujo"Florence." Not too many shots on our Jolie Fleur Flickr group yet, but here are two, from Jyla and hya, the details below.

On the left: Jyla is wearing Vivant Le Fleur in Buff and Nicky Ree Le Fleur Baroque in Red
On the right: hya is wearing Vivant Le Fleur in Cream and her new Nightmare suit.

Thanks to all of you who came to the ball and who have purchased the new skins. They are available now in our main store in Fleur -- please drop by and take a look!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Ball Today

We are excited to invite you all to the Spring Ball being held in the Fleur and Tropical Orchid sims in celebration of our collaboration with Nicky Ree, Alienbear, Calla, and other very talented content creators. Peruse the latest Nicky Ree and Fleur releases made just for this event, and enjoy live music in the splendidly luxurious ballroom crafted by the very talented CJ Carnot. Look for a lm to the ball in the Ball poster hanging in the window at Fleur main shop or ask Samara Barzane for a tp. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nicky Ree Collaboration

I know we've been very quiet over at Fleur but it's not without good reason! We've been working on a new set of makeups for both our Shoujo and Vivant lines. The amazingly talented Nicky Ree asked us to contribute a series of skins that would compliment her upcoming period inspired range of gowns. While it was a lot of work, Nicky's gowns are so unique and breathtaking, it was easy to be inspired. Today we are releasing the first 3 makeups which were created using our Vivant base. I may be a bit biased but I find it hard to pick a personal favorite from the three! They all feature a new technique I'm using for the lip texture that I'm rather pleased with. It imparts a lovely glow without making it look too heavy a gloss.

Calla and Alienbear have also contributed hair and jewelry. The hair in our Le Fleur ad features hair made by Tigerlily Koi,especially for the collaboration. Alienbear's jewelry set for Le Fleur is lovely but we didn't receive it in time for the ad unfortunately.

I'd also like to take the time to let everyone know that Nicky Ree and Fleur will be hosting a spring ball to celebrate the new release. CJ is building a gorgeous ballrom especially for this event. I hope to see you all there!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Last Day For Vanity Limited Release Skin

Today is the last day to purchase our limited release Vanity skin that we made for Glam magazine's 7 Deadly Sins photo spread.

We were one of seven skin makers asked to create unique skins fitting the theme of the 7 deadly sins for GLAM magazine. It was an honor to be in the company of skin makers like Tuli Austurias and Stephanie Misfit. The spread was top notch and it's available here . I struggled a lot with the skin, we wanted something appropriate for our theme-vanity, something with a bit of drama, but we also wanted it to be wearable for our customers.

The skin features special shading to bring out your cheekbones, a lightly glossed lip, and shimmery blue eyes with a touch of green shimmer liner. Because of the special nature of this skin, it will be available for one month only so rush over before you miss out!

Hair: Montague-Sable by Truth
Eyes: Iridescent Unnatural in Peacock by Miriel
Clothing: Denial by Paper Couture
Pose: *fresh poses* 192 by AnaLu