Monday, December 29, 2008

How Will You Wear Your Fleur Gloves on New Years Eve?

**How DID your wear your Fleur Gloves?**

The deadline for submissions to this Flickr contest is 9pm SLT, today, Tuesday:)

Show us how you will be wearing your Fleur gloves on New Years Eve. Will you go dancing in them or maybe use them to seduce? It's your imagination that counts and we want to see the pictures of it posted into the Jolie Fleur Flickr group.

Closing date 6th January 2009 at 9pm SLT

First prize will be a L$1000 store card with two runner ups each receiving L$500 store cards each.

Get snapping!!

Style Notes:
Fleur Long Saffron Gloves
Fleur Parfait Trois 1 in Strawberry
ETD's Heather in Auburn Burnt
Dress from VG Republic [now closed]
Jewelry from Alienbear

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Party "Paws"

Now that Santa has come and gone at the Fleur sim it is time to contemplate dressing for New Year's Eve. We hope you all partook of the Lucky Christmas Stocking, but life marches on.

There are marvelous dresses available on the grid, but very few creators make gloves and, for my money, Fleur makes the best. They are available in many colors, both basic and pastel. But this Holiday Season Roslin and CJ have released their fabulous gloves in a Brights Pack. Priced at L$100 per color and L$600 for the full shebang, these are a "must-have" for the holiday round of parties.

The colors include Lemon, Saffron, Cerise, Crimson, Violet, Electric, Cerulean and [not pictured] Emerald.

You will find the gloves in the accessories section on the first floor of the Fleur Clothing Shop, which is located to the right of Fleur Cinema. Or you can use the teleporters found in our lobby.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seasons Greetings from Fleur!

We at Fleur Skins wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season.

We invite you to visit us often during the coming year to see what's new at Fleur, where we have the widest variety of skin styles and makeups on the grid, with something for every taste and price point.

It's been a busy year at Fleur. Roslin and CJ launched two new skin lines: Boutique, with both Parfait and Shojo makeups, and the the glorious hybrid skin, Allure, now with 10 makeups. Fleur collaborated with Nicky Ree, hyasynth Tiramisu and others as well as participating in the first Black Swan event and contributing to Relay for Life. And now Fleur has added it's first new clothes in a while!

Not content to work with Roslin on the skins, CJ has provided us with 3 new builds this year. Each build was special and of the quality one expects from him, but I have to admit I am loving the current SoHo/New York City build the most. Come on over and enjoy the ambience!

This year has also seen the enlargement of the Fleur staff. First I wheedled my way into Fleur to help with publicity and customer service. With the Allure launch it became clear that we needed more help, so we hired 5 Customer Service Associates. One of them, Fury Stapleton, took over my tasks when I was away and did a smashing job. So now she's my assistant working with Roslin & CJ on marketing. We also started the Fleur Insiders -- 10 lovely avatars who represent the variety that Fleur is. I've been working with them and they are a delight!

One of the joys of working for Fleur has been all the wonderful people I have met this year! Don't hesitate to contact Fury, me or any of the CSAs if you have questions or need help!
REMINDER: The gift-giving Christmas Stocking will disappear on December 26. Random prizes include a special edition Allure Biba skin --come try your luck!

Also there are gift boxes for sale in the Main Lobby in case you need to wrap those virtual presents.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have you been Naughty or Nice?

**Last Chance to Catch the Fleur Christmas Stocking before it POOFS at 10, SLT, Today, Friday, December 26. You won't want to miss getting the special edition Biba makeup**

The Fleur Christmas Stocking is now available for you to try and win nice Fleur goodies including an exclusive Biba skin.

You simply click on the stocking hanging over the fireplace mantle in the Men's Shop and find out whether you won or not. You may try every 3 minutes. Gifts are given randomly.

The gifts include a Fleur Allure Biba special edition skin in truffle, fair isle dress in merlot, a Fair Isle socks fatpack, scarlet gloves, scarlet long nails, and a scarlet studded O ring belt.

CJ has reserved the right to add presents, possibly even that dreaded lump of coal!

The stocking will be up through Christmas, but who knows after that... So come on over and join in the merriment :) And find out how naughty or nice you've been!

Your limo

Have You Been Good?

Coming very soon to Fleur over the Christmas holidays...The Fleur Stocking 'Lucky Dip'.

Lots of Fleur accessories to be won along with a jackpot prize of a limited edition Fleur Allure Biba make-up, that will never go on sale.

Watch this space to see when Santa has been to Fleur and left all these goodies behind.

Also New at Fleur

{picture from Fleur Insider, Caer Balogh}

CJ has been busy refurbishing the Fleur clothes store, which is now 2 stories high.

All accessories, including the Fleur gloves, can now be found on the ground floor along with new arrivals. The new "brights" include those perfect Holiday colours and come in 3 lengths. All other Fleur clothes are now on the first floor.

Happy shopping,


Emerald Glove credits:

Model & photographer: Caer Balogh
Skin: Fleur - Allure Biba #1 (Truffle)
Eyes: Miriel - Realistic Eyes (Dirty Blue)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: ETD - Ana (Chestnut)Gloves:
Fleur - Long Gloves (Emerald)
Hosiery: Axienne (Shiny Black)
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Leeza V2 (Liquid)
Pearls: The Body Politik - Tahitian Pearl set (White)
Lighting: CG Facelight 4.1
Windlight: Sydney Pinion - Black box (5%)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Allure of...


CJ and I hate revisiting past work, doing rehashes, etc. but sometimes there is call for it. As previously mentioned in this blog, Biba was a makeup that I created for our Vivant line. We had discontinued the makeup to make room for newer ones but it always remained one of my favorites. Not only do I prefer our Allure line to the Vivant as a base skin, I also wanted to improve upon the makeup. It was wonderful to see how many people were receptive to the idea of refitting the the Biba makeup. When creating the 3 different makeup palettes, I took into consideration some of the suggestions made by the Fleur Insiders and group members. Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback and I hope you all enjoy this latest release.

Style Notes

Skin- Fleur Allure Alabaster Biba 1
Eyes- Miriel Eyes- Steel Blue (standard)
Hair- Pixel dust- Roslin- black (release coming soon)
Pin(both hair and dress)- Paper Couture- Gray Day Pin
Dress- Ivalde- Retropolitan Black Gown 1930
Pose- Long Awkward Pose- Barbie Girl II Barbie 15

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sneak Preview

TaP Shepard dropped one of the, as yet, unreleased Fleur Allure Biba skins on me last night. As soon as I put it on my pixels I just knew I had to shoot and I knew exactly the dress and hair I wanted to go with it.

The Biba skin has the smokey eyes of the 1920's with luscious Hollywood lips too. It just screams glamour. This make up is now teamed with the fabulous Allure body which is, in my honest opinion, the best hybrid skin on the grid.

Roslin has outdone herself and paid true homage to her inspiration.

I can't wait for the finished product to be released...bring on Biba!

Skin: Fleur Allure Biba in Alabaster....coming soon
Hair: House of Heart, Tousled Isabella - light blonde
Dress: p.c; Silk Gypsy


Friday, December 19, 2008

Hand in Glove!

We've been getting requests for our gloves to be put back in the store. That moment awaits CJ's building acumen, BUT we can happily announce that our leather gloves are now on OnRez for your buying and wearing pleasure. You will find them here.

I've always admired the colors and textures created by CJ & Roslin for the leather gloves and with winter here in our part of the world [and on the sim], the long ones look especially appealing. So enjoy shopping on OnRez for now -- we'll tell you when they are back in the store!
* * * * *
Ssshhhhhh ... I've been told that Biba is on the way very soon ... After reading Roslin's blog I can't wait! Biba goodness harmonized with the nicely detailed Allure quality.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Work in Progress: Allure Biba

I've mentioned before that the late Kevyn Aucoin has been a huge source of inspiration for many of our makeup looks at Fleur. One of my favorite looks of his was the Biba which inspired a Vivant skin by the same name.

The Biba makeup has always been one of my favorites from the line and apparently a lot of my friends miss it too. Then a few days ago, Achariya posted a look using Biba and we've had a number of requests for the skin. I thought it would be a good time to update the look and fit it to our allure line.

I pulled the shadow in a bit closer to the corner of inner eye so it's closer to the inspiration look. I also tried to extend the shadow further up and out in the area above the crease. The changes are very subtle to the eye but it was a huge struggle to accomplish. As anyone who is familar with that area of the avatar mesh will know, it's a very difficult area to work with. I struggled to extend it and keep the shadow from getting messy or get kinked. I also went and added a little bit more blush and toned down the highlight in the center of the lid. I'd love to hear some feedback from you all and maybe even suggestions on the color combos for other versions of this makeup look.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fleur Secret Sale

Oh No! CJ found out about the Fleur Secret Sale and has given us one more day.

Sale ends 9pm SLT Wednesday.

Come find the bargains while you can....13 skins at half price.

Time is running out...the sale must end!


We Got Caught!

CJ has been under the weather so I thought I could sneak the sale past him but oops, we got caught! Luckily, he's letting me give you all one more day to have your fun. So get over to Fleur and put your mouses to work to find our secret sale skins. Sale ends Wednesday, 9pm SL time.

Thanks to Fury Stapleton for the image.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Clothing @ Fleur

The clothing shop has reopened and to celebrate, we've cooked up a little something to make you feel all warm and cozy. Our Fair Isle sweater dress features metal clasps on the bodice and it is being released alongside our ribbed turtleneck and fair isle over the knee socks. All items come in 6 colors and multiple clothing layers to ensure ease of mix and matching.

I'd like to also offer up a little reminder, our secret sale will only be on for a few more days so act fast!

Skin- Fleur Strawberry Trois Parfait 4
Eyes- Miriel Indigo Glow
Hair- Philotic Energy Grazia Blonde
Shoes- Fleur Maryjanes in Black

Shhhh.....Secret Sale!

We are having a secret sale on our skins!

Go to Fleur and just mouse over the vendors to find out what skins are on sale.

There are a total of 13 skins that are 50% off... 3 Parfait skins, 3 Allure skins, 3 Shoujo skins, and 1 Vivant skin are marked down. We also have 3 of the skins for men marked down as well!

This sale goes on until CJ finds out so take advantage of it while you can!.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last Chance for Group Gift

Hi Jolie Fleurs,

Today is the last chance for you to grab the group gift. It will be gone from the archives if you havent got it then do not miss out on this free skin!

Any of your friends not Jolie Fleurs then today is the last chance for them to join and grab the gift.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Skins and Shape

We are pleased to announce that we've updated our newbie skin. We now are offering our retired Basic Red 2 Vivant in all 6 skin tones, as well as a shape created for the vivant skin. Best of all, the newbie skin is actually a freebie available to everyone, no matter their rezz day. The skins and shape are available in the main entrance of our Fleur location.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Skin: Winter Nights

These three makeups feature lightly glossed lips and richly colored eyes. The color palette from the first two makeups were pulled from fashion shows in real life. The third combo of red and green was thrown in for those of you who think it's not winter without a little Christmas spirit.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our Very Own Divas Are...

While we are waiting for The Divas, the New Series [due in January], we wish to announce our OWN Divas, winners of The Allure of a Diva Jolie Fleur Flickr Contest that ended last week.

So, from Paris, France, the center of fashion [where your intrepid blogger is atm], our Divas are:

1st place Cordi Biddle, winning a L$6000 gift certificate with Blowing Kisses
2nd place Freya Nemeth, winning a L$3000 gift certificate with Portrait of a Diva
3rd place Filomena Quinnell, winning a L$1000 gift certificate with Red Passion

Congratulations to our winners and to all who entered. When you wear Fleur Allure you are ALL Divas:)