Sunday, August 13, 2006

Insert Cute Quirky Title Here

          I began this blog with the intention of sharing what it is like to be a new content creator in SL, maybe blow off some steam, and help spread the word about pretty much anything in SL that I feel isn't receiving enough attention- builds, fashion, residents, whatever. I have pretty much failed all across the board. I do have a good excuse though. Skins are a lot of work. A lot. We've been working really hard on creating a skin that improves upon our weak points while still retaining the character that our customers love and say sets us apart. I'm really looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks as the launch time for Tete Deux draws near.

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CronoCloud said...

Ive been meaning to blog about that prototype skin you were wearing when I saw you, and I just haven't got around to doing so. I also have been meaning to mention some "small" designers. So I'm in the same blogging boat as it were.

I'm looking forward to Tete Deux.