Friday, September 21, 2007

Stars In Your Eyes

The inspiration for this week's skin, Céleste, comes from a few different places. The theme for the jewelry expo auction items is celestial which reminded me that I've been wanting to create a skin with a face tattoo like tattoo artist Kat Von D from LA Ink. I've been seeing a good number of bloggers covering Dutch Touch (not to mention the suggestion of a good friend to check it out) and I found the clothing there to be helpful in shaping the makeup look. It was shortly after that I remembered the Escape necklace that Lucas Lameth of Earthtones had just created and I paired with with my favorite Deviant Kitties hairstyle, Katya. I created Céleste in three different variations but all share the same semi-moist lip paired with softly smudged black liner and a hint of color swept across the crease. Mr. Carnot was kind enough to create the stars that run along the side of the eye.

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Kalia Meiklejohn said...

I just got this skin and adore it! It's so unique and really beautiful. Thanks for some amazing work (as usual).