Saturday, October 06, 2007

Vivant Gothique Has Arrived

It's October and Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. In a lot of ways, Second Life is like celebrating Halloween every day, sans the candy. You get to stretch your fashion wings a bit and play with different personas and looks like you would never do normally. So hot on the heels of our drow skins, we have yet another fun look. Or rather looks. Gothique is our version of a goth skin. It's as pale as we could go without the skin becoming totally flat and fake looking. The desired effect was undead or made up, not unreal and blank paper white. As for the makeups, I tried to experiment with some looks a bit more avant-garde than my normal comfort zone but still keep it tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, I don't have a full line up of all 18 skins. You will have to go to Tete to see them but I can run through the 6 distinct looks that are available. All the looks come with 3 lip options (with only one exception) that are some combination of red, wine, purple, and black. The Siren was a goth version of one of my absolute favorite makeups, the Biba. Corbeau, which is the makeup in the main ad picture, has a double cat's eye liner that I saw on Dita Von Teese. The Ennui is based on a look we've been recreating with each one of our skin lines, just a pretty little flourish about the eye. Amanda is inspired by Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls which is amazing music by the way, fun punk rock cabaret. I had a lot of fun with Nova, it sort of has a harlequin look but it was a total accident. I was just flipping layers around and having a play, seeing what interesting looks I could come up with. CJ came up with the name because of the distinct star shape. The last makeup of the set is my most wild of the bunch, I call it CyberPunk. It has a definite punk/modern dystopian vibe I think. Enjoy!

Hair: Aveda Short Bob by ETD
Outfit: Nymphaea Suit by Silent Sparrow


Violet Voltaire said...

zOMG!! I just love love LOVE you for making the Amanda Palmer inspired skin! It makes me so happy, I think I want to cry! I'm soo at your shop once I post this! And now I have the song 'Back Stabber' stuck in my head. lol

Arianna Psaltery said...

I don't usually like goth skins but you have made them so beautiful that I'd buy these...soon as I find an outfit :) They remind me of a Geisha skin :D

Roslin said...

Thank you both!

Anonymous said...

how do i get these skins im kinda new to the game and am trying to figure it all out.