Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And the Winners Are ...

As spring FINALLY comes to my corner of the real world, we celebrate the winners of the FLEUR IN BLOOM contest. Again you astonished us with your vision and creativity in your variations on our theme. An enormous thanks to ALL of you who ranged far and wide on the grid to capture FLEUR IN BLOOM. You didn't make it easy for us to choose. And we love you all!

On to the winners! Since the decision was so difficult the final result was that we awarded TWO First Prizes of a L$2400. Fleur Gift Card each, TWO Second Prizes of a L$1200. Fleur Gift Card each as well as naming two Honorable Mentions. The recipients of the awards are:

First Place
Grazia Horwitz- Fleur Vivant Bronze Boudoir 2
Roquan Republic- Fleur Vivant Chestnut Dakota 1

Second Place
Zaara Kohime- Fleur Vivant Bronze Apres Ski 3
Bex Hathaway-Fleur Vivant Cream Blossom 3

Honorable Mentions
Oilell Pinion- Skin: Fleur Vivant Buff Blossom 2
Hollywood Nightfire- Skin: Fleur Vivant Buff Sultry 1

The First Place winners will have their pictures on display in the store shortly and all the winners will receive their awards soon.

Again our heartfelt thanks to all who submitted and congratulations to the winners!

You can see all the entries at the Jolie Fleur Flickr Group


bex hathaway said...

WOOO! thank you! YAY!

Grazia said...

*does the happy dance with Bex*

Zaara Kohime said...

TYTYTY! yipeeee :)

Oilell Pinion said...

I feel honored to be amongst those mentioned. What beautiful women you all are and sooo photogenic!! Thanks Roslin!