Sunday, October 03, 2010

Logo Contest for Luxuria

When we launched Luxuria last wee, I sent out a notice about our logo contest to bloggers and our group. Unfortunately, I just realized that I failed to post about the contest on our blog, oops! Because of this, I will be extending the contest deadline a few days. The new deadline is October 10th. The rules are below or you can pick up a notecard in our store.

Luxuria needs a new logo and after spending hours and hours designing this new collection, my mind is not in the right space for creating a new logo. I don't want to settle for something that I will not be happy with long term and decided to take up a suggestion from a blogger - have a logo contest!

The winner will get 2000 lindens and the entire collection of Luxuria lingerie - every color of every design in the opening collection.

I think the name of the brand says a lot about what I want in a logo. It needs to be modern, luxurious, elegant and upscale. I want it to say the brand is cosmopolitan and fresh and that's what the logo has to portray. Although specific colors are not required, it would be helpful to remember that store colors are black, white and light pink.

So some rules:

1. The Aspect Ratio must be 3:2
2. Your entriy must be submitted to Roslin Petion by 11 PM PDT, October 10, 2010.
3. You must drop a full perm texture as your contest entry, but you must be willing to provide a non-merged PSD file of the logo.
4. The logo must be a graphic desgin that incorporates the store name. No photos or screen shots. No avatar photos.
5. All original content. There can be no images, etc. that you don't have appropriate licensing for.

The winner will be announced on the store's blog at

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