Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Testing the Waters

Ok, so it was only a matter of time before I got around to posting a blog about my second life. I've been blogging about my first one for about four years and I have had multiple blogs. I'm not too sure what exactly the format will eventually become but for now it is going to be a combination of my bitching and moaning, an occasional rave, as well as my struggles as a new content creator. Speaking of which, check out the awesome review Tete a Pied skins received over at Linden Lifestyles

What I really loved about that review, or rather Sabrina Dolittle, is she doesn't shy away from constructive criticism. Also, she appreciates good work, even when it isn't done to her particular taste. This is something that kind of has been bugging me lately. A lot of people fail to appreciate the difference between something being well done versus done according to their own personal aesthetic. I have a feeling that Tete skins may have a hard time because it seems the current trend is towards photorealism in skins. I also appreciate that our skins may be a little subtle compared to what most people are used to. That said, our skins are fucking good, even if the makeup isn't your taste, even if you prefer more realism, or rather have it goth, or if you like your avatar to look like a cheap whore. It doesn't matter. Our skins still deserve a 'hey, job well done' because it is technically well done.

Ok, so what I'm really trying to say is this...I'm pissed that we haven't gotten better feedback from people. Hell, almost no feedback actually. To start with, we sent out skins to well over twenty people: friends, content creators, bloggers, etc. Of all those people, two didn't even accept the inventory and a vast majority didn't even say thank you. Thank you. It's really simple. And you know, I don't want to hear the bullshit about capped IMs or busy people. Torrid fuckingMidnight had the courtesy to thank me for our skins as soon as she received them. If she managed to find the time, nobody else on that list has an excuse. I also keep thinking about this post Torrid made a little while back about What a Girl Wants
Fact is, I adored those dresses and I can't understand how it didn't do better. And it has to be more than sex appeal. Maybe I just surround myself with people like me but most of the girls I know in SL don't like the overtly sexy stuff.

And while CJ and I plan on paying attention to customer's requests and feedback, we are not going to cater to the masses. They are already being catered to. We are going to stay strong and offer skins unlike most in SL, butt dimples, subtle shading, and technically sophisticated makeup. That said, we had our strongest day for sales yet and it really did give me a boost. I can't wait to keep cranking out those makeups.

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