Friday, May 12, 2006

Think Makeup

      With so many great skin makers out there, CJ and I realized we would need to go to great lengths to set ourselves apart from the masses. Toast of Fashionably Dead and Nylon of Nylon Outfitters have their distinct skins which compliment the unique look of their clothing, Canimal has her range of punk and alternative skins, and the award-winning Santana of Nevermore has long been established as one of the finest skin makers in SL. What could Tete a Pied offer that was new and different? As a makeup artist, it was clear from the start that our focus would be on the makeup. We wanted to produce a wide variety of makeup looks in new and interesting styles but we soon realized that few people could afford to buy new skin as often as they would their hair of clothing and we believe we have come up with a unique solution to this problem.
      Any customer buying one of our 4 packs will be given a Tete a Pied Makeup Box for their skin tone and hair colour. The makeup box updates itself with all our makeups whenever it is opened and makes them available to be bought by you for just L$350 instead of the full price (L$900) in our store. The makeup box allows you to browse and purchase our skins in your own time and where ever you may find yourself. Here's a sneak peek at the lovely makeup box CJ has created.

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