Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Death Becomes Us

          Soon after I about the Dresden line on the forums, Joannah Crammer of Pixel Deep wrote, "Trying to post a make up ad right after Roslin's is like getting to play guitar just as Santana leaves the stage but ye gods, still no choice but to try >>;" I practically squealed when I read those words. Receiving compliments are always nice but to receive one that big from someone I consider very talented, well it's a lovely boost to the ego. CJ and I have been receiving a lot of compliments on the Dresden line and we both are torn between glee and discomfort. The polite little Brit finds himself a bit embarassed by it all and I keep bracing myself for the turning of the tide.

        Remember when I mentioned that one other skin we were thinking of adding to the Dresden line up? Well, CJ finally got this one tricky spot sorted out (the drawn in squiggle under the eye) and after debating a bit over the stylized true to comic version he had created versus a more natural look that I was rooting for, we compromised and offered both. Even though the Dresden line was supposed to be a special edition, I can't help but have the urge to add more makeups to the line. Not just for the profit(although that is sweet) but for the praise. It just feels so damn nice to have people enjoy what you create, plain and simple. Still, we promised ourselves from the start, no catering to the masses...I just didn't expect it to be this hard. We've also been trying to figure out just what it was that has made the skins so popular. Was it the new shading (shhhh, top secret but it is basically the start of the Tete Deux Skin), the new brows, the novelty/fantasy aspect of the skin? While we ponder that, we are also trying to figure out just what we want Tete to be about....some pretty heavy thinking lies ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Can you suggest a good hair style similar to Death's in the commic books? I'm having a devil of a time find just the right crazy 80's style hair. I LOVE my death skin - I chose the more natural looking one, because that's very close to what I wear when I go clubbing. THANK YOU for making some of the best skins in SL!