Sunday, June 11, 2006

You Look Like a Doll, Baby

        After taking a look through Silent Sparrow the other day (gorgeous stuff btw), I was feeling a bit...goth. Our friend Haver Cole had suggested a Dresden Dolls skin a little while back and it was always something we meant to get around to doing for her alone. I asked CJ to come up with a skin tone that had a little more life to it than the usual goth skin but I still wanted it to be a bit unnaturally pale. My intention was to put together something for just myself and Haver but once I got my hands on that China white skin, I was inspired. I'm especially proud of the work CJ did on the eyebrows for the Doll makeup (inspired by The Dresden Dolls singer, Samantha). In addition to Doll, we have Amidala from Star Wars, and two sort of all purpose makeups, Vamp and Purple. CJ and I consider these skins to be a special addition. That means we have no intention of adding additional makeups to the line although there is still 1 more makeup that I would like to see in that skin tone.

        We've been receiving a lot of requests for additional makeups in the new skin tones, especially Tokyo. I'm pleased to announce that the Purple Smoke and Hollywood makeups are now available in Havana, Tokyo, and Nairobi skin tones.

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