Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just Peachy

      I am in love with Lash Xevious's Peaches, both the hair and the lovely peach and gestures that come with it(featured right). Even when I'm not wearing her hair, you'll find that peach in my hand.It really inspired me to come up with something fun and well...peach. So with CJ's help, I created a 4 pack of makeup inspired by both Lash's hair and the mighty peach.

      Peach Natural is an ode to the last days of summer, freckles are sprinkled about and complimented by a natural makeup. Peach Melba, has peach shadow and blush paired with raspberry lips and a cheeky beauty mark. Peach blossom isn't really peach but rather pink, like the flowers. The last makeup is Peach Sorbet, with the punchiest peach palette of the four. I hope everyone enjoys the skins as much as I did making them.

      Oh and on a side note...The latest issue of Second Style is finally out follow the link on the side to get a pdf or pick up an in world copy at any of the participating locations, including Second Style headquarters. I had a great time interviewing our very first style guy, Athel Richileu as well as the very talented Canimal Zehpyr.


CronoCloud said...

Ooooh Pretty! The hair is cute too.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Peach Power! Hehe Lash