Sunday, September 03, 2006

Too Tired for a Clever Title

      Many moons ago, when CJ and I released the Dresden skin line, we received several requests for geisha makeup. We had done a little bit of research at that point and were considering doing a makeup but we had too many other projects to give it the time and effort we felt was appropriate. As soon as the Tete 2 line was released we continued our research in an effort to depict the Geisha makeup in as accurate a fashion as possible. We learned that Geisha's actually begin their careers as maikos, the literal translation for is'dancing girls.' A geisha's makeup changes to reflect each new stage of her training as well as her age. Because a geisha's beauty is supposed to grow with age, she would use less makeup. Usually, a geisha over thirty only wears the full geisha makeup (like we used in our Junior Geisha makeup) for formal occasions or performances. We've also included a free shape with the 4 pack. We based our makeups mostly on the 2 following websites:

      We have also released a newbie skin for accounts less than 30 days only. I created the makeup for this special offer exclusively and it comes in all 9 skin tones. Both the newbie and geisha packs are available on the shelves in the center of the store.

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