Saturday, October 07, 2006

Made for Him, Designed for Her

Tete a Pied skins for men are ready for release. CJ started working on the line even before he began Tete 2 but that line soon dominated all our waking hours. As soon as I allowed him a second of rest, he went right back to the men's line. His hard work has paid off and we have a really great line that I am proud of. We are starting off with just 4 facial hair styles and 9 skin tones, with a lot more planned for the future. As a makeup artist, of course I would love to experiment a bit with men's makeup. My absolute favorite makeup artist, Kevyn Aucoin has done some amazing work in that area and I am dying to try it out. We have some other big projects, huge ones but they are secret. We are trying so hard to get as much as possible done before the spring because fingers crossed, I'll be in grad school come then and have a lot less free time.

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