Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mod for March

Or rather, mars, in french. We are getting a little bit better each month with the whole releasing the calendar girl release on time. At this rate, we just may get it right by the summer and actually release on the first of each month! Wow!! I'm exhausted, we both are really. We complted a custom AV for the Electric Sheep company. If I weren't so exhausted, I'd post a picture or a link. For the curious...it was Matt Lauer for the Today Show. The segment can be viewed on the MSNBC website for the show that aired this past Friday. It was the second of the two segments about sl on the site. We are currently working on two other AVs for various development companies so we are a bit swamped. Add to that, we have joined up with Shai Delacroix's Relay for Life team. We are very busy bees.

So about the mars release...I like the sound of mod mars and people have been asking for awhile for mod makeup so it was our original attention to go very period but we were really struggling to find something that we could make and have it feel 'us' still. That's how we came up with this look...it's mod inspired but more contemporary. It's fresh and very spring. The makeup was inspired by a photo of Twiggy. We've also created new prim nails that coordinate with the outfits.


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