Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sail Into Mai

OK, so it is a little late but please forgive us, we've had one crazy month. Our custom AV work has kept us very busy bees but we haven't forgotten our Calendar Girls Series. This month's release is jam packed with goodies. Inspired by a big Spring 2007 trend, the nautical look, should be part of every self-respecting fashionista's wardrobe. Our outfit comprises of a saucy little navy blue mini dress with matching bathing suit options, all of them accented by a jaunty little ribbon and anchor charm.

Of course, as always our monthly release does include a limited release skin. Since the outfit just screamed classic pin-up girl, I thought I'd create a skin that compliments it, bright red lips and a classic cat's eye liner, total 50's glam.


Miriel Enfield said...

I know I said this in world, but I love this outfit and the skin. And the nails, too.

Ivy Norsk said...

It looks great but does the redhead skin have freckles or no? I keep waiting for sans freckles.

Roslin said...

I almost always make the redhead skins with freckles but IM me in world and I'll make you a non freckle version.

'Kota Buck said...

I love you.
That is all.

Seriously, wow.