Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Beginning of the End

It has been nearly a year since we came our with our current range of skins. As you may already know, CJ and I have been working on the new line for a few months now and the time to release them is drawing near. We will be removing the old range to make room for the new and have decided to offer the skins at a really low cost. Singles are just 200 and 4 packs, 500. I think it just may be the best deal going on the grid right now.
I would also like to take the time to thank everyone who has sent in notecards and shapes to help us prepare for the new line. We can't possibly make everyone happy and there is no way to make a skin that looks great on every shape and at the same time, doesn't make everyone look like a close but that said, I think we've made our most appealing skin to date. While working on Vivant, we have kept both the compliments and the criticisms in mind and we both hope that you all will be as happy with the results as we are.


Laverne Donat said...

Wow, that is a wonderful deal! I'll definitely pick up a few of the old line skins before they vanish. I'm really looking forward to Vivant - your creations haven't disappointed so far and I'm sure they're not about to start. :)

CronoCloud Creeggan said...

Awww, I thought you would still keep the older skins in the store. But yes, this is a great deal. I'm really looking forward to the new skins.

Catero said...

Ros, wish you all the best with the upcoming product launch.