Thursday, August 30, 2007

Close-Up: Pearly Whites

About a year and a half ago, CJ and I started Tête à Pied for no other reason than my desire for more complex, nuanced makeup, red brows, which at the time were pretty much unheard of, and maybe even earn us enough money to help CJ out with tier and me with my shopping habit. It amazes me how much Second Life and Tête has changed since then. Content creators have come and gone, there is more than one brand that has been born and experienced huge growth in half the time that we've been around.

Normally, I tend to keep my blog posts rather dry, professional, impersonal. It's hard for me to speak from the heart in such a public way but I am so overwhelmed by the experience of this putting out our Vivant line that I'm compelled to bare just a little bit more of myself. I don't want to come across as someone acting the part of of the pretentious artist, but I think we have grown so slowly because we see Tête à Pied as a means of expression and personal creativity first, and a business second.

I can't help but feel it's time to really drive home what we are about: quality, craftsmanship, integrity. I am really proud to say that our skin stands up to the closest scrutiny. While no skin can be to everyone's personal taste nor work perfectly with every avatar shape, we believe that after hours of testing and comparison, Vivant matches up with the best Second Life has to offer. It exhibits hundreds of hours of hard work and years of skill. Vivant is the combination of CJ's years of experience with photo shop and my life-long love affair with makeup. Not so long ago, I worked in cosmetics and I've always been passionate about it. More than any other line we've done in the past, Vivant is about that love. I spent weeks researching & creating makeup looks and still more weeks with CJ discussing and implementing the technical execution of these looks. Each look is unique, many with features (like a specific kind of liner) that are specific to that makeup look alone.

We have had amazing feedback from bloggers, friends, customers, and other content creators. CJ and I would like to thank all of you for your recognition and compliments. We have had so much great coverage but there are a lot of details and subtle improvements that many might have not noticed so from time to time, I will highlight them here. Today it will be our teeth. For our Vivant line, we wanted to make sure that we didn't neglect a single feature and with photography loving fashionistas on the rise, we couldn't help but notice some not so picture perfect smiles. We were guilty of it ourselves, the first picture is our old teeth, the default Linden teeth. As you can tell in the old picture, the default teeth have a gray cast to them and the bottom of them is uneven. I didn't take a picture but the tongue is a bit too bright red to look natural. Our new tongue is a more natural shade and our teeth are brighter, whiter, straighter, and model perfect.

Now onto your sneak peek....

For those of you that were wondering, yes, we are continuing our Calendar Girl series but with the new Vivant skin range. Expect the release to come out in a day or two. For now, you will have to be content with a look at one of the 3 makeups we will release with our septembre outfit. This is septembre 1 in out buff skin tone. As it often happens, the outfit was designed first and the makeup was created to coordinate with it. Sometimes the makeup idea comes from a specific photograph or image but this month I just played around a bit until I found something that was pleasing to the eye. I wanted just a hint of a cat's eye to the liner to give a nod to hint of period influence in the outfit but I wanted to keep it fresh and contemporary. This is where the color comes in. Die-hard Tete fans might notice that the little tail on the cats eye is in a different spot than usual, it arises from the lower lid. I saw that style on a french blog when doing research for the line. If I ever manage to find the link again, I will gladly post it. She had a whole section on just cat's eyes and it was amazing the variety that is possible.


Gillian Waldman said...

Roslin - I only realized the teeth this past week when I was snapping some photos - and thought, "wow that's different." I put on one of my older TaP skins to compare lol. The little details are appreciated and add up to a whole lot of wonderful. I am really loving your and CJ's new line, as I know so many others are. Congratulations again.

Violaine Villota said...

Roslin I am in love with your new skins! I had forgotten to put my smile animator attachment back on when I put on some lashes, and when I did I absolutely noticed that the teeth looked a lot nicer than I remember having before. I currently have the Feline and the Just Lips skins and will most likely go back for more:) Had been waiting for these skins ever since you put the notice out that they would be on the way and I am so pleased. The lips are just amazing and the eyebrows are GREAT! I had sent in a notecard for your shape requests and had mentioned that the only thing that held me back were the sparse eyebrows of the previous line, and so now, they are just perfection:)
Sorry is this way too long? LOL

Jungle Jewell said...

Hi, I really like how your lips don't look like dolly lips like so many other skins I admire, but won't buy because of the doll lips.

I also love how your provided many different makeups for each skin color. I prefer very little makeup, but without the features looking washed out. The natural was my favorite, but there wasn't enough eye liner, so I thought the eyes looked washed out. Any chance of just a tad more eyeliner in the natural skins? Maybe just a little brown or gray would still be natural looking.

But even if that's not possible, thank you for decreasing the number of doll lips I see so frequently 8^)

Roslin said...

Hi Jungle, we are always happy to entertain suggestions for makeup looks, please just drop a notecard with suggestions and textures or links to images. I need pictures! Words alone don't tell us enough.

Kit Maitland said...

Rossss...I just saw this post...and it's awesome. You need to talk like this more because it's great to hear a creator talk about his/her work and what inspires it.

Of course the skins are goes without saying at this point. I've abandoned all my other poor skins now because Vivant is just like crack and I can't seem to put it down!! Thanks to both you and CJ for the amazing work and to you for sharing a little insight with us!! <3333