Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Custom Skin Event is Today

A week ago, we sent out an invitation for a special custom skin event to the Tête à Pied group. This is to serve as a reminder and to answer any questions that may come up. Please, please, please, in order to ensure this event runs smoothly, make sure you carefully read all the steps and ask questions before you do anything you are unsure of.

1. You have to be a group member to take part

2. Click on the ticket vendor located upstairs. Please do so JUST ONCE. You will receive a ticket with a number. When that number is called in the group chat, it's your turn.

3. Decide what combination of lips, eyes, cheeks you want and/or other custom options that are possible according to the notecard. I will NOT be doing custom colors or any custom option that involves changes other than simple mixing and matching of already created makeups.

4. Listen for your number in the group chat. Do not put busy on or you will miss it being called. When your number is up, go to the makeup seat, let me know you are ready and when I tell you to, sit down on the chair. Give me your order on the notecard with your ticket number. If you have questions, feel free to consult with me at that time.

5. When your order is ready, I will show it to you for approval, when you are satisfied, the item will be placed in the box. I will let you know when you can purchase the item for the box.



Claudine Jewell said...

yaaay so happy thank you Roslin

Anonymous said...

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