Friday, February 29, 2008

Something new for the Skin Fair from Fleur

Roslin has, for better or for worse, given me access to the Fleur blog :) So first let me thank Roslin and CJ for thinking that I could be of service to Fleur Skins. It is an hono[u]r indeed! On to my first post.

Fleur Skins is delighted to be participating in the Vanity Skin Fair that everyone is talking about. It opens Saturday, March 1 at 1pm SLT. Our store is next to the Fashion Stage, so please drop by and say hello :) The fair will run until April 5.

There will be a new release on Saturday for the fair... I can't show you the skin until then [I wanted to show you my back wearing the skin, but Roslin said you'd seen our backs LOL], but I can say that it is called Marni, because avant-garde SL designer, Marni Grut was the motivating force for the skin's being made. It is in the Vivant line, thus will come in three makeups and the Vivant range of skin tones. The colors are wonderfully vivid and done with Roslin and CJ's usual clarity and style. I've been allowed to try it on and I can say that it's been hard to get Marni off my avatar ... it's just that cool! So on Saturday ... Marni will be available to one and all at the normal Vivant price of L$500 per makeup, L$1200 for all makeups in a tone.

And since Roslin's nowhere around to stop me ... here's my back -- the clue it provides is that my shirt matches one of the Marni makeups ;)

See you at the fair!

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