Saturday, March 01, 2008

Something's coming, something good *

At the Vanity Skin Fair that begins today at 1pm SLT, Fleur Skins will be introducing Marni, a wonderful new skin in the Vivant line. I'm not seeing the display in the main store so you'll have to hop on over to the Vanity Universe sim to meet her:)

Since Roslin didn't leave me the poster ad, I'm showing you a photo of our store at the fair. That would be Roslin on the poster taken by CJ -- you're HOT lady ;) And Marni is just inside the door. At L$ 500 per makeup and L$ 1200 for all three, Marni is not only gorgeous, she's affordable :)

Wear your Fleur skin and a smashing outfit when you drop by to say hello, and Ros just might award you a gift card on the spot! And also look for rules to be posted shortly on our Jolie Fleur Flickr group and on the Fleur Update group inworld for our contest that starts today. We're looking for "Who's the Fair-est of them all"? PLEASE direct all questions about the contest to me, Samara Barzane, as Roslin is busier than I want to think about! And if you can't wait to see Marni -- hop over to my blog for a sneak peek ;)

from West Side Story with full credit to Stephen Sondheim.

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