Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Black Swan Project

Rezzable has invited the top designers and artists in the metaverse, including Fleur's Roslin & CJ, to create their dream piece inspired by Black Swan, a sim created by Light Waves.

The Fleur skin was created to compliment Nicky Ree's Black Swan gown and uses the Boutique Shoujo skin in the Lily skin tone. Black Swan 1 was created to Nicky's specifications, 2 was a classic makeup look, the lip color on 3 was the same hue as the beak on a black swan. Available for 1200 lindens at the Black Swan sim only until August 5 at which time it will be available in our main shop.

Fashion Show Invite below

Access to the sim is gained by purchasing a device for 200 lindens at the tp point. BLACK SWAN

The event will be launched with a fashion show and live music event on the Black Swan sim on the 16th of July, Wednesday and will close on 4th of August. Rezzable will be showcasing the work of the best designers in SL in a gallery space especially created for this event in Black Swan.

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