Friday, July 04, 2008

A Farewell Sale for 13 Vivant skins -- 50% Off!

When it rains it pours with good news from Fleur :)

We're saying an eventual good-bye to 13 of the current Vivant line at Fleur. How long will the sale last? We're not sure, but only until the NEW line of Fleur skins is ready to be introduced. So shop early and often :)

Individual skins are now L$250 and the multipacks are L$600. The sale skins are marked by a round green "50% off sale" sign. The sale price will show AFTER you choose "pay."

The skins on sale are: Just Lips, Basic Red, Basic Pink, Basic Nude, Pin-up, Modele, Glam, Natural, Vin, Soiree, Lalique, Rose and Feline. Once the sale is over they will be gone for good.

And don't forget to try Emma RFL demos to the right of the sim landing point.

1 comment:

Marni Grut said...

oh no! i cant get in SL :( i hope the sales still on when i do