Monday, February 09, 2009

New China Skin: L'Oiseau

CJ and I have long admired the work of hyasynth Tiramisu and soon after personal introductions, I had the good fortune of learning that she is not only a talented content creator but a wonderful person and a good friend. So when hya told me that she had created a lovely set named Fleur and was wondering if I wouldn't mind creating a complimentary skin, the word 'no' slipped from my vocabulary. She even sent over a psd file of the brocade pattern to use on the skin (you can see the detail I borrowed from Hya in the eyeliner that extends past the corner of the eyes! How do you honor someone who honors you? Well, we've returned the favor (sort of) and named the skins L'Oiseau for the little birdy behind Silent Sparrow. You can find the Fleur set and the rest of the Ms. Tiramisu's creations at silentsparrow the L'Oiseau skins will be there in the next day or so or if you are impatient, you can find them in the park at the flagship Fleur .

A Little P.S.
As some of you may have heard, there has been a devastating bushfire in Australia and Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck have organized to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross. We've set up a donation kiosk at Fleur and they can be found in other locations throughout SL. Also, some content creators have been creating special items and/or promising to donate income from sales to the fund. Checky out Savvy?, Philotic Energy, and Sable Rose are among those participating in some way or other and the list keeps growing. If interested in getting involved, please contact Autumn Hykova.

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