Monday, February 16, 2009

Time is Running Out.... At 11:59pm Today!

**Both the grid-wide Vain Kissed Hunt and the Jolie Fleur "Be Our Valentine" Flickr Contest end today at 11:59pm SLT!**

And the Limited Release Shoujo Valentine skins will disappear at the end of February.

So it's time to get those LR Valentine Shoujo skins, take those pictures and submit them for consideration to the Jolie Fleur Flickr Group.

A reminder -- the skins we are looking for in the Flickr contest are the Limited Release SHOUJO Valentine Red or Pink, not the Vain Hunt Allure Valentine skin. [Although we love pictures of you in ANY Fleur skin :)]

And since the hunt Allure skin isn't eligible for the contest we thought we'd share a few of those group submissions with you in the blog. If you haven't gotten the Fleur Allure Valentine Hunt skins, what are you waiting for?

From left to right: Gabby Panacek, Creamy Cooljoke and Rosie Barthelmess. Do visit the Jolie Fleur Flickr Pool to see them in their full glory!

Limo provided ...

1 comment:

ZE design ZigadenaGabardini -Emarald Harvey said...

lovely skins,but I have a question
Do you take costum jobs at all?
I have the older Sultry skin,and I really would like to keep it, due to different reasons.But an uppdate on the skin itself would be wonderful