Friday, July 23, 2010

Frustration, Theft, and Communication Issues

A few days ago, Hybrid Ansar alerted me to a suspcious avatar by the name of Medussa Neutron. This person had ripped off a few people, including Hybrid's friend Ikaru Aichi. What's worse is that this person had done this under other accounts previously and when caught, just created Medussa to continue with their theft. When I looked at the pictures of the item in question and Medussa's Xstreet listings, it was clear to me that she had indeed stolen the texture from my Tease corsets and used them in her own designs. My corset was 100% hand drawn and all of the details lined up perfectly with Medusa's corset: wrinkles, hooks, boning. When I logged onto SL today, Hybrid asked me if I had filed a DMCA yet because Ikaru had been IP banned and they believed it was as a result of retaliation against Ikaru for filing the DMCA. Hybrid asked me to put in a good word for Ikaru and mention my experience and I offered to do so as a courtesy.
My problem is just how do I go about communicating with LL about this issue? I can not file an Abuse Report about the theft because Medussa is no longer listed in search and that is a requirement for an AR, I can not file a DMCA on an account that no longer exists about items no longer available on Xstreet, I can't file a ticket because my issue does not fit into any of the categories and an incorrect listing will be ignored, I do not have a premium account so I can't file under avatar issue, and the 800 number is for billing issues only. If there is another avenue of communication with LL, I'd appreciate it if someone let me know.
All I can do right now is show you all the pictures and ask you to keep an eye out for this person's work in the future since they are a repeat offender.

Dead Beauty Corset

5th & Oxford Corset



Ikaru Aichi said...

Hey Rosalin, It's Ikaru here. I am so glad you weren't IP banned as well.

Medussa goes under several names. Poo Blackheart is the name she previously stole textures (Mine and probably yours) So if you want to send an AR, it will match up with the IP or Hardware ID she's using and help. I haven't had a reply yet from Linden Labs, but if you want to AR her that is the way to do it :D

Queen Daark Gothly said...
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Queen Daark Gothly said...

Please contact me inworld, I have a question.
Daark Gothly