Friday, July 16, 2010

Poll Results and Clarification

Thank you so much everyone for weighing in on this decision. I've posted the results below and as you can see, the crochet dress has one by a large margin so that's the next design I will be working on.
crochet sheer mini 49%
ditsy print dress 11%
rose babydoll 20%
striped top/skirt combo 20%

So, that means next design is the...

Crochet Mini

Now that this is out of the way, I'd like to address something else. It came to my attention yesterday that there was a misunderstanding about my creative process, specifically, in relation to this poll. Some people were under the impression that I would be copying the design exactly and/or photosourcing it. When I created my poll/last blog, I assumed that everyone who reads my blog and plurk are friends and/or customers and as such, are familiar with how I work. Since I've learned this is not the case, let me explain my process to you all.

The majority of the time when I begin a new project, I look at magazines, blogs, etc, to draw inspiration from. Often, I have some theme/look in mind and assemble a variety of items on an inspiration board and draw a bit from each one. On some occasions (like this one) I'm at a total loss and I poll folks in plurk and randomly pull images that appeal to me and then systematically narrow it down to whatever I think will work best in sl and be most appealing. I do not sketch because I can't draw anything better than a stick figure. In fact, I don't 'draw' my textures. I create my clothing by making a series of selections and shapes and using various tools to achieve the effect I am looking for. Even when basing a design off of just 1 image, I still like to alter the look to suit both SL and my own personal taste. I NEVER do exact replicas of rl designs for my own personal reasons. That said, it would be perfectly legal for me to copy a rl design because in the US, unless you are copying logos or distinctive features from a design (like a patented super special zipper or a trade marked print like Burberry plaid) it is perfectly legal to 'knockoff' a design.

When it comes to the actual execution of a design, I do NOT photosource a whole image and I rarely photosource elements in the design. Out of all my designs, only 3 contain any photosourcing. Without going too much into ip laws, I will say that I take greater care than I legally am bound to when sourcing for my designs and all of my sources have been in public domain. I hope this clears up any confusion and please let me know if you are interested in seeing and reading more about my process. <3

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