Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Love My Calendar Girl

CJ and I have been discussing the possibility of branching out into clothing since the infancy of Tete a Pied but with the skin line and our first life jobs, we struggled to find the time to create a proper clothing line. Recently, we came up with the idea of creating just one outfit a month that ties in to the seasons. Unfortunately, the idea came to us AFTER the New Year but better late then never, right?

This month's release, Janvier (French for January) is inspired by the big trends of this year's fall/winter collections. This eight piece fur and tweed ensemble is available in Slate and Cocoa and includes a limited release skin made to compliment each color scheme. Each skin is available in your choice of one of 9 skin tones. Once next month's set is available, the Janvier skins will be retired permanently. You also have the option of buying the outfits and skins separately.

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Anonymous said...

love love LOVE that outfit! that fur collar is wonderful.