Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tete a Pied's Review Copy Policy

The ever so talented Sol Columbia posted about her policy on review copies recently on her blog . We've been thinking about establishing a policy for a very long time. New blogs and magazines pop up all the time, writers come and go and I try to keep on top of everything but it is a bit of challenge. New release days have become that much more stressful as I try to figure out who to drop review copies on, what items to drop on them, etc. So for all those reasons, as well some mentioned by Sol, we are going to adopt an 'ask and you shall receive policy'

Spelling It Out
Review items are available under these conditions:

1. You drop a note card or send me an e-mail at roslin.petion@gmail.com of the exact item you want a review copy of. Please be detailed and include both skin tone and makeup name or in the case of outfits or other items, item name and color. Ex: Janvier Cocoa set or Rose Medium Peach Melba.

2. You state the purpose/where/how of your review copy request. It just has to be a blog or some sort of publication. Most importantly, it is for review, we do not give out content to other creators to use in their ads or do product trades, we get way too many requests for that for it to be reasonable.

3. You do not abuse the system. Please don't ask for our latest 4 pack in every single one of our 9 skin tones.

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