Monday, January 08, 2007

Natural Beauty

CJ and I have been toying with the idea of doing a no makeup natural skin for awhile now. Make no mistake, I love makeup, but there is an art to creating a beautiful, natural looking skin. We kept putting it off because we were unsure how to make a skin that was different enough from our natural makeup 4 pack, Ingenue. CJ decided to take use it as an opportunity to experiment a bit. He's done a little bit of photosourcing, our skins are normally 100% hand drawn. Pay particular attention to the brows, they are my favorite bit. We also decided to give mod skins a try. I have to say in all honesty, it was a trying experience. Finding a way to hide the Linden belly button without turning our belly button into a big black hole was especially trying.

We've created 4 looks with the skins. Bare is our most basic natural look, not a trace of makeup. In addition to the obvious, the lips on the Freckles skin has just a hint of lip gloss and sun kissed cheeks. The Rosy skin has flush on the cheeks and nose and the Minimal skin is a subtle makeup look, a softly smudged brown liner and neutral lip gloss.


Anonymous said...

Where can i try it ?

Cristiano Midnight said...

I want to see nudity! :)