Sunday, July 01, 2007

Juillet Release

I'm madly in love with the Boho look. No, that is not so two seasons ago. Actually, the boho look is one that will never die. It's as old as the concept of the bohemian itself, just constantly recycled from season to season with less or more popularity. I could do a little citing for you all but I'm sick so you will have to conduct research on your own or just take my word for it. La longue vie le regard de Bohème! Or long live the bohemian look. I hope at least that's what I said. I did just barely pass my two semesters of French. I also am in love with Lucas Lameth's Boho jewelry. With Miriel Enfield and Jackal Ennui as sim mates, it takes a lot to impress this girl but he's managed to do it. When creating this look, we kept his jewelry in mind. You can see it in the ad picture.

Anyway, summer lends itself so well to that look, long flowing skirts, sandals, gauze shirts. At the same time, summer makes me also think of backyard bbq's with Susie homemakers in crisp cotton dresses. It's a bit of a dichotomy there, the wild bohemian and the perfect, prim housewife.... but isn't modern living about that? I think this month's release should please those complicated modern women on the grid. The Indian block print fabric, color palette, and neckline are earthy and free-spirited while the dress is so 50s- fitted bodice with full skirt. The outfit also comes with a 50s staple, the capri pant. Really, what more could every woman want? And of course, once again, CJ did a lovely job in executing the design. Nary a stray pixel. This man is amazing.

The makeup for Juillet adheres to the same spirit of the outfit. Barely there, nude lips with a bit of light gloss balanced by a more dramatic eye in earthy shades of red and brown. The touch of 50's comes from the rich chocolate brown cat's eye liner. The release can be found at our main store in Nouveau or our satelite shop at the Promenade.

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