Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Little Update

For those of you wondering how things are progressing on our new skin line, I thought I would fill you in. We finally do have a name-Vivant. We haven't yet set a date for release. The plan is to create makeups until I cry uncle and drop from exhaustion and then it should take us a week or two after that to sort out vendors and pictures.

We would also like to take this time to thank everyone for submitting their suggestions and shapes, both have been very helpful to us. We haven't drawn a winner, we are going to wait until just before the release to do so. Anyone who has an idea for a makeup they would like to see, please drop a picture or link on a notecard titled, "Makeup Suggestion" and drop it on Roslin Petion. It needs to be a pretty close up shot, at least from neck up in order for me to get a clear idea of how the look was created. The bigger and clearer the image, the better chance you have of seeing it on a Tête skin.

In other news, July is almost over which means out with juillet and in with août. As usual, the skin will be gone forever but the clothing will stay. Seeing how search is borked, AGAIN, I thought I would include our slurl:

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