Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, New You

It's time to share why we've been a bit quiet since the new sim launch. Tete has been working on a new line of skins, which we are calling our Boutique line. Vivant is about providing as great a variety of makeups as possible and we will continue to add to the line, but the Boutique series will focus more on the character of the skin. Each new look will have distinct differences in style and be available in a select number of makeups that fit that character.

Our first skin in the Boutique line is Parfait. This look is available 3 skin tones and 6 makeups. Our face is 100% hand drawn with stronger shading and details in the skin. It's deliberately further away from a more realistic looking skin. My favorite feature on this skin are the lips. They have a sweet, rounded quality to them, almost like on a baby doll but they aren't as full as the pouty lips in our Vivant line. The brows are still mod and you can still use the pubic panties that work with the Vivant line.

Because each addition to the Boutique line will utilize different styles and techniques, there will be radical differences in the appearance that goes beyond what you see when just changing makeup. Our hope is that this will satisfy those of you love the Tete quality but may be looking to stand out a bit more in a crowd. This is also one of the reasons why the skins will be priced at 1200. Fewer skins with the unique look of the Boutique skins means fewer sales for us and more exclusivity for our customers. The other reason for the price difference in the Boutique line is that we have put a little bit more time into these skins in order to give them their distinct character.

With every boutique skin, we will also include a face light created by CJ. I tend to avoid face lights except for pictures. I find they spoil the environment in a lot of places that utilize local lighting and/or time of day to create a certain atmosphere. CJ made this light so that it is very subtle and does not extend out far enough to spoil local lighting.

For those of you that love the idea of a more unique skin but aren't a fan of the hand drawn look, don't despair, we have a few other radically different looks in works. Stay tuned!


Catero said...

Yamanba? ♥ :-P

goodwillstacy stindberg said...

Yay!!!! I love this idea, Roslin. I can't wait to see the next skins in this line!!! Thanks for always creating amazing stuff for us. The creativity, attention to detail, and the fact that you listen to your customers are just a few of the reasons that have kept me coming back to Tete a Pied since day one of my Second Life. I have absolutely no doubt that I will continue to wear TaP skins forever!
(Goodwillstacy Stindberg in world)

Ana Lutetia said...

Roslin and CJ turned me into a Strawberry Parfait girl!!

Love the new skins.

Samara Barzane said...

So charming and parfait-ly new and unique :) Bien fait!

Roslin said...

I love ALL of you. Except for Cat that is ;-) Thanks so much for the love guys!

Selonna Torok said...

I absolutely love these new skins! My idea of perfection!