Sunday, March 02, 2008

Announcing a 50% sale on Fleur's Boutique Line skin sale to celebrate our new Rue D'Antibes location!

Fleur is having a ONE DAY 50% off SALE on our Boutique skin line in celebration of our store at the new Rue D'Antibes sim, which opens today at 11am SLT. This gorgeous Mediterranean style sim was designed by Barnesworth Anubis and is run by The Otherland Group.

Both the Shoujo and Parfait Boutique skins will be priced at L$600 at the Rue D'Antibes location only and for today only. Because of the special nature of the sale, the L$500 gift cards may not be used.

Come join the sim-opening festivities and get yourself some Boutique loveliness at an amazing price! Today only, and only at Rue D'Antibes!

The new Vivant skin, Marni, remains available only at the Vanity Skin Fair for the time being.

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