Saturday, October 18, 2008

Introducing ... Allure

Please join us at the Fleur sim on Sunday, October 19 at 12 noon SLT for the launch of the new Fleur skin line, Allure. Named in a contest [the winners Umbra Lunardi and Ran Garrigus], Allure is the new premium line of skins for Fleur.

Painstakingly created by the talents of CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion, Allure is a truly hybrid skin that integrates both photo-sourcing and hand-drawn techniques. Each skin includes mod brows and pubic panties.

Allure is priced at L$1200 for a single and L$3k for a 3 pack. At the launch a total of 18 makeup looks in 6 skin tones with be available. A new note is that demos will be transferable!

At the launch there will be a gift bag, which will be available for 24 hours in case you can't make the opening. From 12 noon on there will be 9 Allure models, among them many of our Flickr contest winners, who will be showing you the new Allure skins.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop... looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

1 comment:

Boudicca Amat said...

Argh, just my luck the stoopid PC goes tits up and I miss the party!!
Still can't get into Sl properly and after waiting patiently for the new gorgeousness I can only drool over what's on the Blogs!
Oh well :(
But good luck Roslin and CJ for yet again bringing beauty to our pixels!