Sunday, October 26, 2008

Introducing Your Allure CSAs

With a number of you asking for advice and assistance with the new Allure skins from Fleur we have decided to hire several of our Allure Launch Models as Customer Service Assistants to help you. As models they are experienced at tweaking shapes and putting *that* look together with the new Allure makeups.

They will be in the shop regularly throughout the week. We'll post a partial schedule as soon as we have one. But each CSA will announce in the Fleur Update Group Chat that she is in the store. While, of course, they will glady answer any Fleur-related questions, their particular expertise is to help you find YOUR Allure :)

So please give a warm welcome to the first Fleur Allure CSAs -- Noena Merlin, Fury Stapleton, Cordi Biddle and Rosie Barthelmess. Look for their "Allure Model" tag in the store soon.

As always transaction problems should be addressed to myself, Samara Barzane, or TaP Shepherd. Any questions about the CSAs should be directed to me please.

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