Friday, January 30, 2009

Fleur is Smokin'

When we were planning our Allure line, I did a lot of research on makeup looks to gain some inspiration. I poured through pictures from runway shows on the internet, sorted through my inspiration folder filled with pictures of makeups pulled from magazines, and made frequent trips to the bookstore looking for a new book that struck my fancy. One day I came across Eye Candy by Linda Mason. This is where I got my inspiration for our Smokin' makeup. For those curious about the book, it is full of some really fun, funky makeup looks and the models are fresh-faced, 'real' girls.

Get your Allure Smokin' at Fleur. Here's your taxi!
And don't forget Biba and Winter Nights, both offering a variety of unique looks for your SL(tm) evenings :)

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