Saturday, January 17, 2009

All about Fleur's Kitten--Now on Sale!

Roslin talking about Fleur Allure Kitten:
The Kitten makeup look began with a classic 50's style cat eye liner. It's a nice clean liquid eye liner that's not as thick as a 60s liner, nor as diffused and soft as a lot of modern cat eye liner looks are today. It's a style of eye makeup that's pretty much always in style, a true classic. I paired the eyes with 3 shades of semi-matte lipstick. The first shade is a very classic tomato red, the second is a shade of pink with a bit more of an 80s influence. The third shade was inspired by the winter 08 fashion trends, it is a very dark pink with a little bit of plum undertones.
The Allure Kitten skins are now on sale at 50% off for about a week. Purrrrrrrrr on over and say hello to your inner kitten! Your TAXI!

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